We're on a mission to equip individuals and entrepreneurs with emotional intelligence and know-how to develop their very own healthy habit-building principles that bring about meaningful change across the globe.
Meditation and Mindset Workshop
By understanding the deep meaning behind meditation, you can take your meditation to a much higher level. We can alter our thoughts, heal our body, and create new realities.
"UNTHINKABLE!!" Workshop
Ray Behan presents: "UNTHINKABLE!!" This is a four-day, immersive workshop that will cause a major shift in your life, healing your body and reconnecting you to your true purpose.

At "UNTHINKABLE!!", you will discover the power of your emotions and the impact your experiences have on your health, your life, and the power you have to change it.
Evolve Retreat
A wonderful week-long relaxation retreat. Stay at a top-class location surrounded by nature. No fuss, no noise and no distractions. Allow your body to learn and embrace the knowledge of longevity. Teach your body and mind to live long and well.