2 locations:
*PERTH 2024: Friday 5th to Monday 8th of July (9am-5pm each day) - Willetton Stadium, Burrendah Boulevard (Opposite Southlands Shopping Centre)
*MELBOURNE 2024: Friday 26th to Monday 29th of July (9am-5pm each day) - Functions by the Bay, Corner of Plowman Place & Young Street
*2025 Details TBC Soon.

If people can experience a spontaneous remission from disease and defy the belief of their medical doctors, then that same possibility is open to you.
If people who have been in toxic, unloving, non-emotional, abusive, lonely relationships can improve that relationship by changing their emotional state of being, then that possibility is open to you too.
It is from these real-life stories of miracles that this "UNTHINKABLE" workshop has its foundations.
Ray Behan leads the "UNTHINKABLE" Workshop, the cutting-edge result of a discovery he made that has fundamentally changed the way thousands of people have viewed and taken hold of their health and lives.
Developing temporal lobe epilepsy at a young age, Ray was seemingly destined for a life of mental anguish
and medication. But Ray took his health into his own hands, with the science-backed phenomena he teaches
at the "UNTHINKABLE" Workshop. He is now medication free.
The Research Is Clear
  • There is no gene for autoimmune diseases
  • All cancers are NOT the results of our genes
  • There is no gene for depression
  • ADHD is neither genetic nor is it a disease
  • AND THIS IS GOOD NEWS. If we have unintentionally “created” our diseases and issues, then we can intentionally “un-create” them. Welcome to “UNTHINKABLE”
The Catalyst to Change Your Life
For far too long, the traditional medical field has upheld a stark divide between the mind and body despite extensive research on the contrary.
The growing body of evidence is continuously proving we have the power to overcome many conditions like anxiety, depression, arthritis, and cancer because our minds are creating the environment for disease to flourish.
Ray's mission is to use science to teach people how to heal themselves. People have harnessed the wisdom of Ray's teachings to experience significant shifts which have baffled physicians across medical disciplines.
Make Your "UNTHINKABLE" Real
"UNTHINKABLE" is a four-day, immersive workshop that will cause a major shift in your life, reconnecting you to your true purpose.
At "UNTHINKABLE," Ray will show you the power of your experiences and emotions to impact your health and your life and the power you have to change it through psychoneuroimmunology: understanding how your relationships, career, self-worth, and health are all the manifestations of how your body has processed the experiences you have lived.
Through Ray's teachings on neuroplasticity, your brain's ability to rewire itself, he will show you how to reshape the way you think, changing your emotional state to a more naturally balanced state.
In Ray's own words,
"Your body wants to live, but your mind creates the emotions that cause the body to activate disease, and you control that."
Through his teachings on epigenetics, you will understand how to fundamentally alter your genes from the damage of your past and current traumas.
And as a master of knowledge with an emphasis on quantum physics, Ray will show you how to harness your consciousness to change your own reality.
You will leave "UNTHINKABLE" with the knowledge many others before you have harnessed to:
  • Undo past traumas and remove them emotionally from your body
  • Realign stressed genes
  • Elevate your self-worth at the core of your emotional being
  • Balance your emotional state of being, resulting in improved relationships
  • Overcome your negative emotions to connect with your heart, helping you to find your purpose and passion
  • Learn the art of manifestation at a quantum level
  • Slow the traffic in your mind that causes your confusion or lack of focus
  • Embrace the skill of “emotional balancing” to become the educator, as you share this new knowledge with your children, siblings, parents, partner, neighbours, family, and friends
"UNTHINKABLE" will arm you with powerful practices, the knowledge and tools to heal, and the ability to manifest your desires into reality and collapse the emotional traumas of your past.
You will take meditation and other cutting-edge practices to the deepest level to discover the true power of your mind to affect your body and life. By the end of the four days, you will have set in motion the elements you need to repair your body, your mind, and your relationships, and you will have developed a set of skills that will leave your life forever changed.
Every trauma, heartbreak, failure, and pain has resulted in your current emotional state of being.
Research clearly indicates that your past and current traumas are, for the most part, the cause of many illnesses, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and all forms of autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, and stress.
Your traumas also result in your relationship issues, career failures, even your abundance…everything is affected by your emotional state because your unmanaged emotions affect you at a deep level within your core, influencing the life you experience and what the world offers you.
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