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Ray Behan
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Solfeggio Frequencies
Your body vibrates energetically at a particular frequency. When your vibration is lowered you lower your frequency and the more condensed your energy becomes, causing negative energy. Over time, your body will addict itself to take on a state of negative energy.

By combining Solfeggio frequencies with a form of guided meditation and incorporating the Spiritalis Breath Method, you can activate your creative genius to reverse the consequence of long-term stress on your body.

Ray Behan has produced his own meditation music, using Solfeggio frequencies to do just that.
What is this course about?
When your energy centres are out of balance, the systems and organs in the associated area will be affected. This effect is known as illness and disease. The problems with an unbalanced energy centre continue and soon you will experience psychological issues such as anxiety, depression and a lack of self-worth. For example, when your second energy centre is unbalanced you will experience urinary problems as well as kidney dysfunction and lower back pain. You will also feel that life is not pleasurable and that you are missing the bliss of reality. Your imagination and your genius will also be negatively impacted.

However, with 'pure intention' during meditation combined with the Solfeggio frequency related to that illness or psychological issue, these centres will come into alignment which not only affects the chakra in a positive way but also the systems and organs that are connected to that centre.

'Pure intention' is a way of describing 'conscious awareness', in other words, during meditation as you guide your consciousness through your body, energy will follow your consciousness. As you navigate your consciousness, you are in that moment, no longer focused on life, your troubles and your worries. You are in a place of 'pure intention'. You will learn all about this in the course.

In this self-paced course, you will learn to associate psychological difficulties, illness and disease with the related energy centre. You will then discover how to bring this centre back into balance by utilising Solfeggio frequencies. You will become a master of your emotions and activate your true inner light. You will become a beacon of inspiration to others. This knowledge is so powerfully impacting, profound and mind-blowing that once you learn it, you'll want to share it with your partner, your family, your best friends, heck the whole world!
Solfeggio Frequencies
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Following a serious head injury as a child which resulted in Ray developing Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, he went on a mission to discover ways to repair the damage caused by the accident. This led Ray into the science of neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to 'rewire' itself, and eventually into quantum physics. Ray then applied what he had learned. After years on Tegretol medication to deal with epilepsy, Ray did just that, he repaired his own brain. Today, he is healed and medication-free. After 30 years of learning, he now teaches ordinary people how to do the extraordinary, to live their lives based on their design by activating their inner genius to speak the language of the universe.
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