Think and Grow Education have combined years of learning and studying in the area of meditation, consciousness, quantum mechanics, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and frequencies, with an emphasis on ancient Solfeggio frequencies, to produce easy to follow training courses.
Certification Courses
Solfeggio Frequencies & Energy Centre's Certification Course
This course is for those who are aware that the human body is affected by negative emotions, and are open to learning the connection between illness and emotions. It's for those who are open to learning in an easy-to-understand format around the science behind frequencies and how the body can heal itself through alternate vibrational rhythms.
Quantum Affirmation Collapse Certification Course
In this course, you will learn that it's not the bad things that happen to you in life that cause your stress, your anxiety, or your lack of self-love. It's your perceptions around those difficult events that cause you more harm than you're aware of. This sense of misperception has been indoctrinated into your mind by those who raised and educated you, even though they loved you. The QAC Certification Course will show you how you can break free of your own mind and move into your new life.