Think and Grow Education have combined years of learning and studying in the area of meditation, consciousness, quantum mechanics, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and frequencies, with an emphasis on ancient Solfeggio frequencies, to produce easy to follow training courses.
Certification Courses

Solfeggio Frequencies & Energy Centres Healing Course
Online Self-Paced Learning
Transform your life with the Solfeggio Frequencies & Energy Centres Healing Course. This profound and enlightening training empowers you to heal relationships, enhance your health, and invigorate your well-being by eliminating stress, anxiety, and self-doubt. Unlock your true potential by addressing the root cause of your pain through Solfeggio Frequency Meditations.

This easy to follow, 12-unit course is designed for those who grasp the deep connection between the mind and body. For too long, the medical fraternity has treated them as separate entities. However, ancient wisdom, together with groundbreaking scientific research reveal that emotions, influenced by frequencies, can achieve innate balancing. By mastering this art of balancing your energy centres, you will empower your body to heal itself, achieving a new level of strength and vitality.
Quantum Affirmation Collapse Course
Online Self-Paced Learning
In this course, you will learn that it's not the bad things that happen to you in life that cause your stress, your anxiety, or your lack of self-love. It's your perceptions around those difficult events that cause you more harm than you're aware of. This sense of misperception has been indoctrinated into your mind by those who raised and educated you, even though they loved you. The QAC Certification Course will show you how you can break free of your own mind and move into your new life.
Intensive Courses

Thermodynamics of Money
How to Become an Emotional Money Master
$199.00 (AUD)
The online self-paced money management course everybody should do.
If you want to change any negative emotion that you have around money and your ability to be abundant, all you need to do is learn how to play by the rules. You can't be in the game if you don't know the rules. In this online, self-paced course you will learn the fundamentals of the emotions around money and the principles of abundance in an easy to understand way. This course will not only change your direction but will give your kids the tools that the education system failed to equip them with.

The Options Training Program
Online Self-Paced Learning
You are entitled to your piece of wealth on this earth.
In this course, you will learn how to tap into your potential to build your own wealth by leveraging off of the most lucrative commodity on earth, property. Become an Options agent and learn how to get into property, without needing any initial investment capital.

The Property Options Training Program teaches students how to identify properties that have current or future subdivision potential. As the course progresses, you will learn how to sign a property up, on a contract for a period of time, paying only a small fee to the property owner.

For most, the negative emotions that the lack of money causes is not only responsible for the breakdown of most relationships but it's also responsible for the long-term causes of illness and diseases. Emotions of worry downgrade the body's genetic makeup creating havoc.
For that reason, we have produced this course that helps ordinary people take control of their finances so that they can become emotional money masters. The Property Options Training Program helps people, just like you, become extraordinary by leveraging off property. It is for those who are keen and interested in building their wealth through property.

Insight 2050
Online Self-Paced Learning
$97.00 (AUD)
Envision your life to the year 2050. Insight 2050 started out as a 30-year social experiment. In this online self-paced course you will learn how to improve your emotions, your health, your wealth and your relationships. In fact, you will build a vision for every area of your life until the year 2050.

In this online course, you will receive a training video every week for the next 44 weeks. By downloading the comprehensive online journal you will enjoy the emotions that you experience by building and improving every area of your life till the year 2050. This will serve you and your family for the rest of your life.

Limitless program
$3,997.00 (AUD)
A self-paced, 6 month, online program that can assist anyone on the path to a life make-over or a make-better! The program also has special units that offer the ability to use the course material to also launch your own coaching business.
Short Courses
Pendulums with Tamara CF, BMus, Dip Hom, Dip Bot Med
The Beginners Course
Online Self-Paced Pendulum Course $29.99 (AUD)
Pendulums are an age-old tool used to help us answer questions about ourselves and our lives in a concise way for the given moment. It is a form of dowsing and has been used by many cultures over the eons. It allows us to easily access information and ask questions that are part of our internal being and our higher wisdom, connecting through our Higher Self and Spirit. In Part 1 of this series, you will learn how to connect to your Pendulum, use it accurately for different purposes, create a healing space, learn how to clear your healing space, discover what energy is and feels like, and start to use simple questions that you can ask your Pendulum on a daily basis.

How to Improve Your Money and Retire on Your Terms
$19.95 (AUD)
If strategies that help use the mind to become more masterful of your money is your jam right now, you're going to really like this course. Learn how to challenge much of what we've been taught to be true about the mind, and it's impact on your ability to attract money. This online, self-paced series will show you how to switch it up and use it to create clear paths to whatever it is you next desire to accomplish.

How to Enrich Your Relationships and Turn Your Home into Heaven
$19.95 (AUD)
In this online, self-paced series, learn how creating good relationships starts with an understanding of three things: yourself, your partner, and the dynamic you bring as a couple.

How to Lose Your Marbles and Live a Passionate Life Series
$19.95 (AUD)
If strategies that help use the mind to become more masterful of your destiny is your jam right now, you're going to really like this course. Learn in your own time and online how to challenge much of what we've been taught to be true about the mind and use it to create clear paths to whatever it is you next desire to accomplish.

How to Change Your Mind and Empower Your Body to Live
$19.95 (AUD)
Our thinking regulates our body's incredible healing ability. In this course, you will tap into the power of meditation and brainwave frequencies to rejuvenate and nurture your mind and body.