When You Change Your Emotions At The Deepest Level, You Will Take Your Life To The Highest Level
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Ingrid refused medical treatment for lung cancer and instead practiced QAC to heal.
Skyla overcame 27 years of medication thanks to the QAC Process.
Christine has just completed the Intensity 3 Day Workshop.
Quantum Affirmation Collapse
What is it all about?
Epictetus wrote in short: "The parts of your life you believe you cannot control are a misbelief. You are more in control than you know".

It's not the bad things that happen to you in life that cause your stress, your anxiety or your lack of self-love, it's your perceptions around those difficult events that cause you more harm than you're aware of. This sense of misperception has been indoctrinated into your mind by those who raised and educated you, even though they loved you.
In this course you will:
Learn how to identify your most damaging perceptions and turn them around forever so that never again, will your limited perceptions separate you from opportunity.
Learn to master your emotions by identifying where each of your negative emotions originated. Once you discover the source of your emotions, you will learn to master them.
Learn how to make the connection between negative emotions which cause disease and psychological issues, and the emotional based chemical which caused these conditions in the first place.
Navigate into the depths of human psychology to discover that every negative emotion you currently experience is derived from past negative interactions with people and events. We call this 'emotional indoctrination'.
Discover how your past negative experiences are still leaking their toxic chemical based molecules into your body today, limiting your ability to live long and to live well.
Create the life of your dreams.
Also in this Course:
As you delve deeper into this training, you will learn cutting-edge processes which will allow your body to reverse the effects of long-term negative emotions, to start to create wellness and not illness.

You will discover, as you participate in the QAC process (Quantum Affirmation Collapse), how positively impacting it will be on your body and mind when you finally learn how to reverse these negative emotions.

In the final units, you will learn how to facilitate the QAC process with your own family, friends, or clients.

The QAC process is so positively impacting on the human body that soon your body will wake up every day looking forward to the day ahead, based on the new emotions that you teach your body to become addicted to. We call this, inspiration.

Is a known medical fact, that the bodies overindulgence in negative emotions causes illness, disease and psychological issues. This course contains a library of 'emotion-based' disease and conditions. You will be able to connect conditions with emotions, with past and future experiences.

Quantum Affirmation Collapse Certification Course

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if;- You suffer from psychological issues such as anxiety and depression and want to learn how to control the emotions which cause these conditions; AND

- You want to learn the QAC process (Quantum Affirmation Collapse) to master your emotional control techniques; AND

- You are aware that illness and disease is not simply caused by 'genetic bad luck' and want to learn how subconscious emotions activate harmful chemicals, the springboard for these conditions; AND

- You want to learn how the body becomes so addicted to negative emotions that it, and not your mind, has taken charge of your dreams;

- You want to learn how to connect past negative experiences with current or future illnesses and psychological conditions;

- You want to master your life and create a whole new blueprint of your new future to escape your old past.

Life is full of hardships and in this course will learn to work with your difficulties, to overcome them automatically as they appear in your life.
This course will put you back in control of every facet of your life.
This course gives you the guidance to live life on your terms and not the terms you have surrendered to for so many years.

Seneca wrote:
"We suffer more in our imagination than we do in our reality."

THE Quantum Affirmation Collapse COURSE
Practitioners Certification Course
Emotions of Disease
Psychological Difficulties & The Conditions They Can Cause
The BENEFITS of Negative Emotions and How They Get Out of Control
How to Rewire Negative Beliefs
Facilitating the QAC Process
The Spiritalis Breath Method©
Examples of Real life Cases Including Abuse, Physical Harm, Emotional Disconnection, Neglect, Abandonment and More
Navigating the QAC Facilitation Sheet
Facilitating the Process
Understanding, Forgiveness and Gratitude – The Process
Messages you will Recieve
Certification Process & Examination ($497 1st Exam Fee, $197 Per Subsequent Attempt) *Certification is Optional to You
Reversing the Emotions of Past Negative Experiences
OMG….. Look what's included in my Quantum Affirmation Collapse Course!!
This course is jam-packed with content, included, but not limited to:
  • 136 page Workbook
  • 12 Page Directory connecting illness and emotions
  • The 9 column QAC Facilitators Worksheet
  • Step-by-step guide for the novice facilitator
  • Obtain your certification to become a practitioner *Optional
  • The most inspirational personal development exercise
  • The perception modification technique (PMT)
  • How to master the Spiritalis Breath Method
  • Goal setting and goal getting techniques
  • Perfecting the gratitude technique
  • Interactive worksheets and exercises
  • Live video training with Ray
  • Mastering the art of teaching and training others *Optional
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Following a serious head injury as a child which resulted in Ray developing Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, he went on a mission to discover ways to repair the damage caused by the accident. This led Ray into the science of neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to 'rewire' itself, and eventually into quantum physics. Ray then applied what he had learned. After years on Tegretol medication to deal with epilepsy, Ray did just that, he repaired his own brain. Today, he is healed and medication-free. After 30 years of learning, he now teaches ordinary people how to do the extraordinary, to live their lives based on their design by activating their inner genius to speak the language of the universe.
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