Solfeggio Frequencies & Energy Centres Healing Course
This course is for those who are aware that the human body is affected by negative emotions, and are open to learning the connection between illness and emotions. It's for those who are open to learning in an easy-to-understand format around the science behind frequencies and how the body can heal itself through alternate vibrational rhythms.
How to Change Your Mind and Empower Your Body to Live
Our thinking regulates our body's incredible healing ability. In this course, you will tap into the power of meditation and brainwave frequencies to rejuvenate and nurture your mind and body.
The Complete Think and Grow Meditation Library
Exclusive Members-Only Access to the Complete Library

Light Up Your Day - Version 1 and 2
Mind to Spirit Meditation
The Healing Mind Meditation
The Forgiving Liberated Mind Meditation
The Manifesting Mind Meditation

The Solfeggio Collection
Solfeggio Root Chakra Meditation 396
Solfeggio Sacral Chakra Meditation 417
Solfeggio Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation 528
Solfeggio Heart Chakra Meditation 639
Solfeggio Throat Chakra Meditation 741
Solfeggio Third Eye Chakra Meditation 852
Solfeggio Crown Chakra Meditation 963

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