How to Change Your Emotions & Mindset around money to Build Your Wealth

There are Universal Money Laws which relate directly to the management of money.
In short;
1. Money only stays with those who understand the laws as they relate to money;
2. Those who do not live by the Laws, always find that money flows through them, and never stays with them;
3. Money is energy and must be treated and manipulated with energy;
4. You will always attract more money when you live by the Laws of money;
5. Money is in abundance across the globe, and those who attract it 'feel' abundant before becoming abundant;
6. Knowing the Laws creates a wealthy money mindset;
7. Not knowing the Laws creates a broken money mindset;
8. With a broken money mindset, you cannot attract more money.

These are the Laws taught by Think and Grow Education

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In this course:
You will learn how to develop a plan so that you can increase your finances for your future.
There are universal rules which apply to money and abundance. Money masters are very aware of these rules, and because they followed these rules they have become wealthy and abundant.

By ignoring the rules of money it will continue to slip through your fingers, as though you have no control over it. People who don't follow the rules end up with more life at the end of their money, than money at the end of their lives.

The more skillful you become at managing your money, the more money you will attract into your life.

By mastering this ancient art of money management and applying age-old rules, you will soon discover that more money stays with you than flows away from you. Like 1000's of people before you, who have completed this simple relatable course, you will not only become a master of money, you will make your lofty dreams a reality.
What you'll learn
Modules included in the Thermodynamics of Money
The Fundamentals of Money Management
How financially free people learn how to manage their emotions around money.
Rules and Resources
The Rules - An Explanation of the Rules
  • The Rule of Numbers
  • The Rule of Knowing your Why
  • The Rule of Sacred Geometry
  • The Rule of Infinite Possibilities
  • The Rule of Becoming a Master
  • The Rule of 'Houdini'
Mastering the top two rules
The Rule of Numbers
The Rule of Knowing your Why
The Laws of Thermodynamics
Discover the fundamental science that involves the energy of money transfer, so that more money is transferred to you than away from you.
Following the Masters to Master your Bank Accounts
This unit is the most impacting of all. It is where you will see significant change happening with your finances.
Managing your Spend to Save More Money
When you learn how to master your money your savings will increase. You can then invest each dollar to turn every dollar into four dollars and more.
How to Predict Numbers and Events
Learn the phenomenon of the Fibonacci Sequence to predict your future growth.
The Laws of Supply and Demand
By learning how to put more demand on yourself, you will soon discover that the universe will deliver your supply.
Setting Financial Targets for You and Your Family

By setting easy to achieve targets you will break free from the 95% of people who achieve financial independence, and now you will be in the 5% of people who actually make it.
Money is a system and has a system.
In fact, everything in the universe is a system, from the planets to the car you drive, they are all here in our experience as a consequence of a system. Yet, they still wonder why they can never afford to do the things they love in life.
Take your new approach to money with you wherever you go.
Next time you're fiddling with loose change in your pocket, wallet/purse, use these moments to remind you that money's not for the fiddling. So it's a great time to take out your device and do as little or as much as you can. Right there on the spot. We want you flirting with possibilities, not fiddling with anything :)

Top up on you wealth wisdom at every chance you get.

Meet your instructor
Hey, welcome. I look forward to seeing you in our learning circle.
Ray Behan
Founder of T&GE and your Instructor
Thanks for your interest in my course. I'm passionate about teaching the skills to those ready to blow the lid off their 'next big thing.' My goal for the past five years has been dedicated to producing 'evidence-based' seminars, workshops, and courses that prove to move the needle for people positively. Whether you have a clear goal, or still working that out, I can help you. If anything remains unclear during your course, email me. I want to assist you in getting there. See you inside the course!
  • Glenn Meyer
    Ray, Simply brilliant course . The information provided on how to get there is simple to understand but so powerful – wish I had access to this years ago and it inspires me to pass on the information to others. Regards Glenn

  • Jacqueline Wong
    This gave me clarity on how I spend my money and good way to feel that I actually have more money than the month.
    Thank you Ray.

  • Wendy Duncan
    Loving this new way of looking at money, finance and accumulated wealth. Totally out of my comfort zone and my way of thinking. The discipline and the habit forming rituals will be the biggest challenge but I am open to learn and experience this new future of financial planning and the reward of financial abundance.
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