The one where regretful thought is a stress chemical

You see, just as thoughts are the currency of the mind, inspiration is the currency of the body. An inspired mind is not enough to allow the body to live out its natural life, the body also needs to play a part.

And because we live in a world of vast opportunities, unlimited in fact, we are more and more aware that we are not living to our best potential. From a quantum physics perspective, there is an infinite amount of potentials open to you. There is a ‘you’ who is healthy, wealthy and wise, but from all the potentials open to you, you have chosen your current existence.

Now let me give you a very short brief on the body and how you can allow it to function at its optimum, and before I do that, please know this.... your organs can last up to 150 years at least….. So how is the body preparing to die ahead of its time and how do we stop that?
The moment we have a regretful thought, we build a stress chemical. The body cannot sustain the onslaught of persistent stress, because the body does not have a filter system strong enough to deal with the deluge.

The answer is, find a dream, get a goal, go for it and know that the only reasons people fail is either they didn’t align with the right community of people for advice, or they gave up too early.
Every potential of you is anxiously waiting in the quantum field of potential for you to get going. The moment you do, you change the chemical signature and the closer you get to achieving your goal.

The more addicted you become to your success, the flow of chemicals changes from destructive to creative and you literally, in the most literal sense....BUY YOUR LIFE BACK.