The one with Caesar's love for Cleopatra

On a trip to Italy, Antonella and I booked a guided tour around the Colosseum as well as the ancient ruins of Rome. 

Now personally, I love history and the stories of the past, in fact I am a collector of modern and medieval memorabilia. I own the original book signed by all of the crew members from both aircrafts that dropped atomic bombs on Japan. I also have a leaf from a bible dated 1205AD. I own a part from the first aircraft that ever flew successfully, the Wrights Flyer III. I even own a bracelet that belonged to Sammy Davis’ , plus a lot more.

So, I love this stuff.  Within minutes of the tour beginning, I am standing on the very cobble stones that Roman gladiators walked on.  I am walking on top of the very cobblestones that Caesar walked.  I was blown away. 

Then, in a flash, I am standing next to the platform Mark Anthony stood as he announced the murder of Caesar.  He then became emperor, fell in love with Cleopatra and had in his hands…. control of the entire world.  His love for Cleopatra brought him to a moment in his life where he had to make a choice… follow his passion to ensure the ongoing success of his Roman Empire… or stay in his relationship with his beloved Cleopatra, an Egyptian.

He had to choose to follow his heart or his head.  
He chose his heart.  
He paid the price to follow his love.  
Why did he choose this path?  When the heart is full of love, the body is inspired to live.  He chose life and love. 

So, the question is…. What price would you pay to live in a life of love like that?

What would it mean to you, your life, your heart and your passion to live in harmony with your partner and those around you?

There is a price to pay for a love life like that.  No matter what state of affairs you live in, you are the driver.  You have the reigns…. maybe you just forgot how to use them.  Learn to control the reigns and you will change your life and your love life…