The one where listening gets you what you want

Do you think that by simply listening to someone they’d be more inclined to give you whatever you want?

Just imagine if your partner actually started to listen to you.  If you don’t have a partner imagine the right person walking into your life who respects, loves AND admires you, your knowledge, your suggestions, your advice…. like wouldn’t life be WOW for you all of a sudden. 

Did you know that you COULD control your partner, husband, children, parents, work colleagues….as though they were puppets at the end of a string?

Is there something wrong with that suggestion?  Well the fact is, the only link between ‘suggestion’ and the actual outcome is, the power of suggestion, AND the fact that this outcome has its roots in the very neurological, physiological, biological footprint of life.

The fact is, if you are not the leader of your family community it is only because they see you as the old you.  What if you could become the new you?

All you need to do is, raise your vibration. Now to the ‘stuck’ people in life, they would not resonate with that suggestion… at all.  But that does not mean my suggestion is hocus pocus… far from it.  Science has proved that you and I have a magnetic field.  If the field is weak, other fields repel, or even dominate the weaker field.
From our Research Work
The essential feature of magnetism is its power of attraction and repulsion. 
Human love, and happiness, and hatred, and fear — in fact, every state of consciousness in active manifestations, are a kind of magnetism. Love attracts love. Fear evokes more fear.

We talk about feeling drained around other people, ‘sucked in’ to their negativity, ‘absorbed’ in a conversation with them, ‘overpowered’ by their presence.  Many of us can feel the energy of a room when we walk into it, others of us with deceased relatives or ‘spirit guides‘ can feel the presence of those we admire and love.
But scientists around the world are continuing to discover evidence that supports the notion that we do, in fact, have very unique (yet interconnected), very real energy fields.  And this affects everything from our thoughts, emotions, to the way we interact