The one where you turn your imagination into your destination

I want to share with you is the ‘things’ you can do, to affect the frequency dynamic of your partner, so that you can raise their frequency and get them out of high beta and into a higher, more loving frequency.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning with your partner placing you on top of their values list, making YOU their number one.

How would it feel to end your day with a foot massage, to wake up daily to the beaming face of your partner as they excitedly prepare your breakfast? 

So first, before you dribble all down your front...what would it be like to live in love this way?

Next question, do you believe that other people, somewhere else in the world are living this way?

If you’ve answered YES, then you are right. So, you must conclude that if it’s possible for others, wouldn't it be possible for you?

Check out the following article to understand the power of your mind. A review of the research on mindfulness meditation was published in the journal; ‘Nature Reviews Neuroscience’, in which 21 can be found showing how brain volume alters in meditation and in volume there is energy.

Did you ever participate in the ‘magnet iron filings’ experiment at school, where you placed small iron filings on a sheet of paper and then placed a magnet below the paper, only to see the filings move towards the energy of the magnet?

Well, as long as you, in your relationship, are operating in high beta (low to high stress when you think about or see your partner), then you, just like the magnet are putting out a field of energy and as long as your frequency matches your partners, then they are reflecting back to you and you are perpetuating who they are. If they are not ‘feathering’ your nest, or ringing the bells of your heart, it's because you are energetically reinforcing their emotional and electromagnetic signature.

However, the moment that you raise your frequency and allow the field of energy that your heart gives off to raise, then your energy will influence theirs, and over a period of time you will wake up every day and step out of your bed and into heaven.

Now how does that work? Higher fields of energy influence and change lower fields of energy. Your heart gives off a field of energy that can be measured 2 kilometres from your chest cavity.

So how do you turn your imagination into your destination? In your daily mediation, do the following;
  1. Sit up straight and make sure your spine is straight;
  2. Close your eyes;
  3. Breath in through your nose for 3 seconds and hold it for 3 seconds;
  4. Repeat the breath exercise 6 times;
  5. Take your consciousness into your head;
  6. See your partner in your mind;
  7. Reflect on what you love or loved about them;
  8. Feel this love and allow it to percolate down into your chest and feel it in your heart;
  9. Feel the emotion of that;
  10. Find gratitude in your heart for your partner, no matter what;
  11. Send them love, from your heart and imagine it flowing to them;
  12. Repeat this for 30 years, kidding. Repeat this for 14 days straight;
  13. Don’t expect anything to change, just allow your energy to do the work;
  14. Don’t break step 13 above, this is crucial.