The A to Z of
How to add chunks of cash to your early retirement nest egg through Property Investing.
Ray delivers how 1,250,000 Australians started with nothing and became financially free through property
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Now's the ideal time to consider building a property portfolio.
The current environment is driving homeowners with oversized blocks to cash up. But, lacking the know-how to subdivide prevents many from going ahead.
In This Free Webinar Training You Will Discover

➤ How any new Australian investor can go from zero to the pathway towards financial in the next 5 to 10 years and execute a magnificent life via property.

➤ Ray outlining strategies and a financial path, to combat downturns & viruses impacting on your future.

➤ A strategy to build long term wealth and fund retirement, built on safe and long-term principles.

➤ A simple mindset shortcut to access your TRUE inner power and become unstoppable.

➤ How to combat the #1 enemy in your life that's secretly holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

➤ 2 critical reasons you shouldn't believe a "thought you think", because if you do, you'll continue along the same path of your current results.

➤ How to get started in property or to add to your current portfolio with a property blueprint. This blueprint gives you clarity and halts confusion in its tracks!

And much, MUCH more...

Our popular easy to follow mini property guide for the inexperienced investor will be sent to you as soon as we allocate your seat. We figured you might want to get started straight away. Why wait is our motto. It's all yours. Normally $29

Sweet Bonus #2
We'd love to fell that we helped you on your journey. So, we'll have a chat with you after the webinar to make sure you have everything you need. It's on us.
Two Sweet Bonuses
Video Course
How to Improve Your Money and Retire on Your Terms Video Series.
The Property Bible – How to Build a Property Portfolio and Live a Heavenly Life.
This powerful new video series from Ray goes deep into the must have mindset around money and retirement.
You are about to see that property investing has created many millionaires but it needs to be done the right way. Do it right, and you'll love the life you create for you and your family.
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Property Game Plan 2025
  • Jess Desantis
    I had been an investor in the past, then I met Ray who helped me purchase 2 more investments. Wow, what an experience. He made it all happen seamlessly

  • Raewyn Darlington
    I didn't believe I could get into property. But Ray made it happen, it was like 'magic'. My dad is a builder and even he said "great job".
  • Angelo Accurso
    Getting into property with Rays team was also a journey into the mindset of wealthy people. He changed my financial future AND my mindset along the way. A great experience.
Help frustrated home owners improve the quality of their life.
Ray delivers how 1,250,000 Australians started with nothing and became financially free through property
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Meet Your Presenter
Ray Behan
Founder of T&GE and your Instructor

He is the main contributor to Think and Grow Property. He is also a property educator and author of books on investing through property. He is the creator of 'The Thermodynamics of Money', an educational program used by thousands to become masters of money management.

With his decades of experience and knowledge he has developed an 'A to Z' strategy which has assisted ordinary people to do extraordinary things and get into the property market in a way that allows them plan their early retirement with comfort and certainty through property investing.

What you'll learn in this webinar.
✓ How ordinary people stuck in their 9 to 5 job, built their wealth and retired early
through property
✓ Fact: It doesn't matter what your current financial situation is, you can build wealth
from nothing
✓ There is a simply easy to follow strategy that 1,250,000 Australians used to become
financially free through property, and you can too
✓ Why 81% of retired Australians end up with no cash, no super and no savings so that
you do not become a statistic like them
✓ The 'A to Z' guide that all successful property investors follow, no matter what the
heck is going on in the world…yep Ray will go through it step by step for you
Who Should Attend This Event?
Have worked this out
Those smart enough to realise that a superannuation fund or pension is no where near enough to rely on in retirement.
Super ambitious people who know that their pay check will never allow them amass enough funds for an inspirational retirement, and are willing to learn more.
Early to retire
Anyone who simply wants to retire early and want to create a legacy for them and their children.
Wealth builders
People who are aware that their super simply isn't enough to live healthy and well in retirement'


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