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We hear you thinking: a shop with free
stuff?! Goodies are free with a download link.
but, we've also prepped some premium tools for you.
Circular 2020 Calendar
Wall Calendar — Circle Calendar of year 2020
A different approach to a full year calendar.

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Daily Meditation Poster
A great poster to place in an area that will inspire you to stop and give yourself the best gift ever. A few minutes every day in meditation.

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The Property Bible

How to Build a Property Portfolio and Live a Heavenly Life
In this book Ray Behan shows you how to manage your emotions around money to allow your finances to grow.
Three Things Millionaires Know That You Don't
In this book, you will discover that the real reason people get stuck in life, and don't follow through on their goals and their dreams is all down to habits, and rear of change.
Flip Flops that make you think harder
You'll think they're Patent Pending
Nothing can make you think smarter, faster, and harder, for days, weeks, (months even) than The T&GE Flip Flops 2.0's.

Given the 1.0's didn't really work that well, and as they may have misled a few of you into thinking you'd be able to think smarter, faster and harder, for days, weeks, (months even), we've were compelled to build an even better pair.

WARNING: These 2.0's are very different from their predecessor. And we're proud to say; they truly do make up for any false claims or misguided promises experienced in the 1.0's. In fact, to gain your trust and prove how powerful they really are, we simply ask you to wear them for a few hours around your dog because these puppies actually make your dog smarter too.
(If you don't' have a dog, just borrow one, or head down to your local dog park or beach. You'll thank us),
The trust test - here's what you do.
Allow your dog to use your 2.0's as a chew toy for approximately 1 minute or sixty seconds, whichever one comes first. Results vary, but traditionally you'll witness your dog using your mobile phone (always to play games) and speak in a very natural human voice. I know. Go figure!

We understand that seeing is believing. And if you're smart enough, you'll be pulling that credit card of yours out and dusting it off as you read this.
These 2.0's are not going to be on the shelves for long.
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