The one with the mind, conflict, monkey and a kangaroo

Our body and mind are in conflict, and you are the referee. You see, the brain was genetically engineered to help it and the body survive and to ensure preservation. That’s its job. It’s not designed to have the Mercedes, travel to the Greek islands or become financially free.

Much like a Monkey or a Kangaroo, the design is for survival, not happiness. That’s maybe why Monkeys don’t drive Mercedes, don’t go on cruises, don’t become IT specialists or run for the Government (maybe I shouldn’t have included running for the Government). But you kind of get my point I’m sure.

However, our body’s want a lot more than survival. It loves to reward. It’s our body that wants the party, not the brain. So there’s a war between both and you can step in as the referee. 
As with all wars, one of the warring parties will need to surrender to the other and eventually be controlled for the remainder of its life. In the case of humans, it’s the mind that surrenders to the body. But that doesn’t mean we get to live an exotic life.

Just as the mind gives up as it declares its ‘Act of Surrender’, it lets the body know that it will listen to its demands from the day of surrender until we are on the elevator out of here on our journey to meet our maker.

But even that declaration doesn’t mean that all of the wars between the body and mind have ended. In fact, as with all wars and surrenders, little skirmishes break out. These skirmishes continue placing the body and mind in an uneasy position. This form of ‘dis’ ‘ease’ between body and mind can eventually result in disease. The disease is caused when the body and mind arrive at a position of dis-ease.

Therefore, the converse applies. When the mind learns to settle and creates a feeling of coherence, then is it possible that the body and mind will come into ease with each other? That doesn’t mean the body needs to succumb to the brain's demand for survival and nothing else. The fact is, we can train the brain to work in coherence with the body so that together they can listen to our minds so that we can pursue our goals and turn our imagination into our destination. It’s all about training. We have to go to the gym. The gym for body and mind coherence is meditation.
The question is, when sick people change their minds, improve their emotions and heal their body, is this what we call spontaneous remission from disease?
It gets better.

By utilising some of the greatest technological advances in science, we can measure the frequency of our body’s. We know that when the body and mind are working together there is a raising of frequency. 

It’s important that we raise our frequency for two reasons. The first is to know how the body functions. When we lower our body frequency to 54 hertz, we can develop a cold. At 45 hertz, that’s cancer. At 25 hertz, that’s the onset of death. Therefore, it’s important to keep our frequency high.

Then the magic begins.
Have you ever seen the science class experiment where the teacher places a magnet underneath a sheet of paper and then adds small iron filings on top? If you have witnessed that you will have seen the small filings form around the poles of the magnet. The smaller weaker filings are attracted to form around the greater frequency. In fact, that’s how the entire universe moves and operates, and you are part of the universe. Magnetism is vibration.

Here’s the magic.
When you vibrate at that optimal frequency, which you can, you will start to attract more orderly things and more orderly people into your life. Not only that, you will start to have an effect on other people around you. You will see how your frequency affects theirs, as things start to come into harmony. You will become a leader. Leaders vibrate at a high frequency, and you can too.