The one where the donkey turns up in a Dublin school

A true harrowing story. It was a cold morning in Dublin City. I had just finished the 30-minute walk to school through the war zone that was...inner city Dublin.
As I did every morning, I gulped in fear as the school building came into view. I had only been out of hospital about a year, after my head injury. The mental torturers, the Christian Brothers, already had their sights set on me.

So, I did what I did every morning before walking through the gates of ‘hell’ to my classroom, I went to church. It was all in the same complex as the school. This early in the morning there were only a handful of people around ‘asking forgiveness’ for their sins.
I wondered why the church wasn’t packed with Christian Brothers, begging for forgiveness in hopes to escape the fire of hell waiting for them after their departure from life.

9am and the bell rang, and Brother Hickey or ‘The Rock’ as he was known, entered the class room. 

"Behan" (me), "come up here you poor unfortunate stupid child", he’d splutter from behind his overcrowded nicotine filled throat, then all the s*** would start for the day. 

He and the other ‘teachers’, had realised that I could not retain information following an accident. So, they decided to make me feel stupid. That was their mission. Why? Who knows. Did it benefit me? It sure did. This moulded me. As one group was destroying me, another was creating me.

They were building my donkey brain. My brain was believing that I was actually 'stupid'. My brain was believing that 'I was hopeless'. "You’ll never make anything of your life", The Rock would tell me daily.

"You’re useless" another ‘Brother’ (Manning) would tell me. "No one likes you" another teacher would ‘remind’ me. The more they told me, the more the donkey brain took that information in and the donkey brain does what it does, it builds a pathway to a destination based on information. Mine was a pathway of destitution.

At home, my Mum started to tell me a lie. She still tells me the same lie today. I was about 8 years old when she first started with this… "You are awesome", she’d tell me. "You are great at what you do", she’d 'remind' me. She rewired my mind and remoulded my donkey brain. "Everyone loves you" she would say to me. She had done this over and over. Lie after lie, until one day my donkey brain believed her and I was on a new path. Thank heaven for our mothers belief in the ‘greater us’

Now, whatever path your life is on, it’s all down to your donkey brain. But you can cancel that out, and send the donkey down a new path.

Here’s how. Determine what that new path is, build a clear vision in your mind, add clarity and feeling and appreciation for that new life even though you haven’t yet experienced it, feel it, love it before it manifests and watch as your brain, your mind and your life change.