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If strategies that help use the mind to become more masterful of your destiny is your jam right now, you're going to really like this course. Learn how to challenge much of what we've been taught to be true about the mind and use it to create clear paths to whatever it is you next desire to accomplish.
1: The characteristics that you've developed as a result of your relationship with your parents, nurturers, and partner

2: How to discharge negative emotions

3: How to see and find gratitude in anything you're ready to work on

4: Step-by-step process behind uncovering the tapestry of your life.
Key takeaways
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Ray Behan
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Thanks for your interest in my course. I'm passionate about teaching the skills to those ready to blow the lid off their 'next big thing.' My goal for the past five years has been dedicated to producing 'evidence-based' seminars, workshops, and courses that prove to move the needle for people positively. Whether you have a clear goal, or still working that out, I can help you. If anything remains unclear during your course, email me. I want to assist you in getting there. See you inside the course!
How to become masters of our destiny, break free of those thoughts that hold us back and put your mind on a path to support your life.

Video 1: Mindset & how it began
How our nurtured beliefs and rhetoric may have been shaped generations before now.
Video 2: Mindset & relationships
How what's been taught can keep showing up in our lives - over and over and over.
Video 3: Elevating our bodies
How the impact of stress on our bodies and the role of stem cells in healing.
Video 4: Raising frequencies
How the mind and body generate frequencies that affect our wellbeing and wellness.
Video 5: Commitments to change
The different commitments you need to make to start seeing changes in your life.
Video 6: The tapestry of life
The characteristics that you've developed as a result of your relationship with your parents, nurturers, and partner.
Video 7: Collapsing emotions
How to let go of past baggage and finally follow your goals and dreams, and the need to collapse emotions.
How to Lose Your Marbles and Live a Passionate Life Video Series
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