The Coach-Me (Coach-Them) self-paced online Course.
A path to personal growth and your 'next level' of self-mastery.
With Quantum Affirmation Collapse and
Coaching learning track.
The course is presented using an easy to follow online learning video tutorials format.
21 Video Modules
Price: $3997
Digital Workbooks
Two payment tiers and finance options are available.
Over 300 pages of course material within workbooks
It's online
Study online whenever and wherever.
The course is presented using an easy to follow online distance learning video tutorials format.
3 Audio Programs
Coaching Calls
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Both pre-recorded and live group coaching calls where Ray personally answers the communities questions.
Go through the course at your own pace. All content will be available in your member dashboard.
New science is discovered every day. As the course upgrades, so does yours - all no charge.
Just download and hit play. 3 guided Meditations include Light Up Your Day, Change Your Limiting Beliefs, Reconnecting with your Unlimited Self.
About limitless
Coach-Me is a private, deep, and very personal, Personal Growth Course designed to unfold your clear and DNA specific path to your 'next level' of self-mastery. It includes our Quantum Affirmation Collapse QAC method empowering those on a journey to self govern and coach their way to their real human potential.

Coach-Them is an additional learning track made available due to the common request made by our graduates to help them assist others in achieving the level of clarity and direction they've experienced in their own life.
Track1. Coach-Me!
How To Become Limitless
There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence.
Track1. Coach-Me!
How To Become Limitless
The private, deep, and very personal, Personal Growth Course designed to unfold your clear and DNA specific path to your 'next level' of self-mastery.Including The Quantum Affirmation Collapse QAC, which is designed to improve human potential.
How To Become Unstoppable. Take your newfound passion for life and follow our proven step by step guide to turn your passion project into your very own training course. Help others also grow and evolve into their fullest potential.
Track 2. Coach-Them!
How To Become Unstoppable
How your thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions affect life;

How to identify when illnesses and diseases are being solely caused by negative emotions and beliefs, and stop that;

The know-how to raise their self-worth, increase self-love and use this to create a positive change in their life;

How to use both positive and negative emotions as your north star.
Key Takeaways
What you'll learn
How meditation can be harnessed to allow the brain build a new mind
How you can replace old beliefs using meditations specifically designed to unwire the old and rewire the new
How to use this course to maximum benefit across the main four facets and improve your Health, Relationship, Abundance, Mindset.
Are you ready to be a change agent of the world?
Study to be a master of all areas of your life.
Your life, your terms.
Impact the lives of others as a Limitless Coach.
Coach-Me formation:
Create the mind
Learn how to take back control over the executive center of your mind. The CEO of your brain.
Coach-Me foundation:
Establish the body
Getting the body to step aside and take the orders from the new CEO is the minds organic next step.
Lesson 1. Meditations Advanced
Ensure you have the new advanced meditations in your portal (to be launched November 2020).
Lesson 10. Complete Modules 8, 9 and 10
Following easy to understand language, understand how your body is a reflection of your life experiences.
Become proficient in controlling your emotions by teaching your body how to feel inspired.
Improve your relationship
Upgrade your health
Focus on your abundance.
Lesson 2. Meditations Superior
Through the coming months and years we will add new and more advanced meditations to your training course.
Watch out for the notifications and instructions as we progress together.
Lesson 11. Complete Module 13
Quantum Physics explains how mind affects matterQuantum physics explained in simple terms.
Lesson 3. Complete Module 3
Understand how your mind has been built for you and not by you
Learn to observe your subconscious negative destructive thought patterns.
Lesson 13. Complete Module 14
How to raise your frequency and each your body to self-heal .
Lesson 4. Complete Module 4
Master the simple functions of the brain and how it forms pathways of belief.
Lesson 13. Complete Modules 15
How quantum potential uses frequency to impact your relationship, abundance and health.
Lesson 5. Meditation 1
Design your life on purpose
Start your meditation by placing a clear objective into the 'field'

Only 10 minutes per day required for maximum impact
Start Meditation # 1.
Lesson 14. Complete Module 16
Learn the art of tapping into the unified field of infinite possibilities.
Lesson 6. Complete Module 5
Learn how to access the left brain analytical to unwire old beliefs and rewire new beliefs (Hebbian Theory 1949).
Lesson 15. Bonus Fun Module17
Hear the story of real people who live normal lives with no brain.
Lesson 7. Complete Module 6
Understand how the mind is influenced by the brain, so that you can control your thoughts.
Lesson 16. Decision
Decide if you would like to mentor and coach your children, your family and friends and if you'd like to turn your knowledge into a business.
Lesson 8. Meditation 2
Getting deeper into your mind now, start to energise your body through the power of inspirational thinking with a clear defined message that your brain cannot ignore.
Start Meditation # 2.
Lesson 9. Complete Module 7
The brain has the ability to reshape itself through 'thought'. Learn how to remould an old brain and the power of meditation

Learn how the body becomes addicted to old feelings.
Make an impact now and into the future.
Everyday we're committed to expand our network and share our know-how.
Build your personal brand
Co-produce with us and get your name in front of a global audience.
Earn some side hustle income
Get paid for the content you create.
Influence and shape the future of personal development
Share your genius and be part of a community who do what they love and love what they do.
Schmooze with like-minded wizards
Our community is the ecosystem that feeds the monster. It's inspiring on many levels and all becuase of pure talent.
Bonus 1- QAC - Quantum Affirmation Collapse
cross check with 1 pages
Become weightless
To become limitless, you need to become weightless. QAC is a proprietary technique that's been designed to dissolve baggage, lift the burdens of life from you within a two hour session, and set your mind in peak 'manifesting' mode.
Detour the congestion
The QAC method shows you how to detour the limitations/congestion in your mind. It's as easy as taking the exit ramp, driving around that congestion, and rejoining life where there's less mental chatter and the clarity to create the life you desire in a stage of abundance.
Dissolve the charge
Mentally imagining, goal setting, and making lofty plans for your life merely don't work without the science of QAC. For success, you need to A. dissolved the charge around the very thing you desire, and B. have mastered your emotions to such a degree you can turn a negative emotion into a positive outcome and, when needed, back the other way. At-will. On-call.
Bonus 2 - Three meditations
Meditation 1
How to Change Your Limiting Belief System
Meditation 2
Light Up Your Day
Mediation 3
Reconnecting with your Unlimited Self
Check out the introductory track.
Bonus 3 - Access to the Insight 2050 Program & Community
With a growing community of people who are in the same journey as you are, The "Inner Circle Insight 2050" is also a tribe of achievers where you can connect with like-minded individuals who can help you set yourself up for an extraordinary life where you:
Bonus 3 - Access to the Insight 2050 Program & Community
We're giving Limitless students access to our Insight 2050 vibrant community from around the world who all share our vision. It's a collective of people who, like you want to live an inspired life leading up to the year 2050. We're there for each other, it's how we roll.

How does your QAC One on One session work?
Webinar - Attend live webinars or access recorded sessions if you miss a webinar.
Join live calls through Whereby platform.
One-on-one - Communicate with our team through one-on-one meetings.
Meet your instructors.
Ray Behan
Founder, instructor
Thanks for your interest in my course. I'm passionate about teaching the skills to those ready to blow the lid off their 'next big thing.' My goal for the past five years has been dedicated to producing 'evidence-based' seminars, workshops, and courses that prove to move the needle for people positively. Whether you have a clear lofty goal, or still working that out, I can help you. If anything remains unclear during your course, email me. I want to assist you in getting there. See you inside the course!
Antonella Traino
Antonella is an inspiring health advocate and teacher whose incredible personal story of recovery from a life-threatening disease, has transformed not only her life but the lives of so many others ~ and yet, her true passion is to lead the way in helping people to see that our "stuff" shouldn't stop us from living life and having the future we want.
Kudos ❤️
Ryanin Bryce
Now that was of great interest and so relevant to our core needs. Thank you!
Jenny Weldon
This is what I have been working on for quite a few months now. It's always good to do a new exercise to measure how I respond. Meeting people always allows me to feel my body. If it feels like they are pushing my buttons, I take time to reflect on myself.
It's very interesting to take time to welcome these moments into your life to understand how you are going with the changes……thanks Ray.
Elvira Gianitto
As usual Ray nice and simple. The way you present your material is never overwhelming. Well done
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