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What's What...
An explanation of all our content types.
Any learning done without the need to connect with a person.
  • Can access online
  • Delivered on a webpage or inside an LMS
  • A series of videos on a topic
  • Educational content consumed on a device/downloaded, etc.
Typical courses would be:
  • How to enrich your life and empower your body to live
  • How to enrich your relationships and turn your home into heaven
  • Donkey brain series
  • Thermodynamics of mone

A workshop introduces new concepts, engages participants. It's demonstrative and enables participants to experience and practice what's being shared and try new methods and fail in a safe environment.
  • Physical location
  • Involves a in person instructor, facilitator, educator, teacher

Typical workshops would be:
  • Mindset and Meditation workshop (physical - not online)
  • Intensity workshop
Are educational programs that are a combination of on and offline learning but relate to the end game involving a form of career or ability to use the content to start a new business or supplement income of sorts.
  • Can't be done without coming in contact with a T&GE team member at some stage
  • Can't be done without people buying something from someone one at some stage.
Typical programs would be:
  • Insight 2050 program
  • Limitless program
  • Property options program
On or offline. Anything that does't belong to any of the other content types. Content that requires an invitation or has trafic being driven to it and supports, feeds or seeds any of the Workshops, Programs, Trips, or Elite Partners.

Typical events would be:
  • Mindset & Meditation - Online = an event
  • Limitless Webinar = an event
  • Webinars,
  • Addhock online or offline evenings - Goal setting, Vissionboarding, Mindmovie sessions, etc .
Is anything that involves a group of people getting out of their traditional environment to go on an deep dive explorational and educational journey.

Typical travel would be:
  • Evolve
Is a 'pay to play' - invitation only to events workshops, programs, trips or courses that are entrepreneurial by nature. They enable and support a business partnership with the end goal to create a path to increased wealth for both parties.

Typical EP programs would be:
  • Elite Program
  • EP affiliate initiatives
  • Any event on or offline that seeds or supports this program.