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Mindset and Meditation Online Workshop
An immersive 6 hour lesson on how meditation can improve your sense of self-worth to enhance your health, wealth and relationships.

About the workshop
By understanding the deep meaning behind meditation, you can take your meditation to a much higher level.
We can alter our thoughts, heal our body, and create new realities.
In this one day workshop, you will learn how to:
1. collapse the negative emotions that cause illnesses in your body
2. create new pathways in your brain by rewiring your thinking
3. heal your body and change your life through meditation.
What you'll need
To set your space up to get the max benefits from the online workshop, we suggest the following items.
Comfy wear
Room to move
Your journal
Survivor, educator and wellness renegade
Founder & Educator
Antonella Traino
Ray Behan
Meet your instructors
These guys work tirelessly to provide the most up to date and cutting edge advancements
in mindfulness meditation techniques.
Antonella is an inspiring health advocate and teacher whose incredible personal story of recovery from a life-threatening disease, has transformed not only her life but the lives of so many others ~ and yet, her true passion is to lead the way in helping people to see that our "stuff" shouldn't stop us from living life and having the future we want.
Thanks for your interest in this online meditation event. I'm passionate about teaching the skills to those ready to blow the lid off their 'next big thing.' My goal for the past five years has been dedicated to producing 'evidence-based' seminars, workshops, and courses that prove to move the needle for people positively.
This is when you're going to enjoy the best meditation ever!
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The immersive 6 hour lesson on how to effortlessly slot meditation into your daily life
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