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Keep momentum with your Imagination Bundle
Here's your Two Facilitator Sessions,
Four Micro Courses & that
One Clear Path.

Your Two Facilitator Sessions Are Right Here!
If you're tired of hitting the proverbial ceiling of complexity and can't smash through or would like help
prioritizing your next big set of goals, then hit that button below and let's talk!
Facilitator your destiny - Session 1
  • Together we run an assessment, uncover patterns that support or challenge your destiny.
  • We'll bring you the know-how for thinking differently about your true potential.
  • How to turn what's been holding you back into opportunities that are aligned with your dreams and aspirations.
Building your roadmap - Session 2
  • We'll take the know-how from your previous session and assign your first value-aligned path that's inspiring and doable.
  • We'll show you how to re-align your values if you ever get distracted.
  • So that next time you hit that ceiling of complexity, you'll have the know-how to smash through it.

Your Four Learning Journey's
Gain the clarity and focus needed to unfold the inner feelings of being totally driven, so you can 'lean in' ready to be engaged with those rare individuals who'll share the new inspired you.
These four mini courses are designed to unfold four specific journey's that will awaken the following key traits.
Welcome to the How to Lose Your Marbles and Live a Passionate Life Video Series on how to challenge much of what we've been taught to be true about the mind and use it to create clear paths to whatever it is you next desire to accomplish.

1: The great characteristics that you've developed as a result of your relationship with your parents, nurturers, and partner
2: How to discharge negative emotions
3: How to see and find gratitude in anything you're ready to work on
4: Step-by-step process behind uncovering the tapestry of your life.
To become masters of our destiny, we have to learn how to break free and reclaim our mind.

The first step is to understand how "mindset" all began. In this video, you'll learn.
Video 01: Mindset - how it all began
Where our internal and nurtured beliefs came from and how our rhetoric way of life was shaped generations ago and passed on by our parents.
Video 02: How mindset manifests in relationships
What has been taught to us shows up in our lives over and again. In this video, you will learn:

How old familiar patterns of thinking manifest in our relationships.

Who among the people in our lives indoctrinate our imagination.
Video 03: Elevating our bodies
Every second, our body replaces and rejuvenates itself. Watch this video as Ray Behan explains how our bodies respond to our beliefs. You will learn:

The impact of stress on our bodies and the role of stem cells in healing.

How up-regulating thoughts can lead to a spontaneous remission from disease.
Video 04: Raising frequencies
The mind is far more powerful than we ever thought it was - we can either think ourselves to life or think ourselves to death. In this video, you will learn:

How the mind and body generate frequencies that affect our wellbeing and wellness.
Video 05: Commitments to change
When we elevate brain frequencies, we can undo years of stress, take control of our mind, and heal our body. In this video, Ray Behan explores:

The different commitments you need to make to start seeing changes in your life.
Video 06: The tapestry of life
There's a greater 'you' inside of you that wants to come out. In this video, you will learn:

The great characteristics that you've developed as a result of your relationship with your parents, nurturers, and partner.

The step-by-step process behind uncovering the tapestry of your life.
Video 07: Collapsing emotions
To let go of past baggage and finally follow your goals and dreams, you need to collapse emotions. In this video, Ray Behan gives insightful advice on how you can discharge negative emotions; and find gratitude from the heart.

Our thinking regulates our body's incredible healing ability. In this module, you will tap into the power of meditation and brainwave frequencies to rejuvenate and nurture your mind and body.

1 Differentiate types of frequencies that alter how our cells function
2 Use meditation to heal from negative emotions holding you back
3 Reframe your way of thinking so you can build a new life of wellness.
Video one
Our bodies are in charge of minds and our minds are in charge of our bodies. In this video, you will understand:

How stress and our modern way of life has resulted to diseases.

The science and research behind the feedback and consequences of our body to our mind and our mind to our body on a cellular level.

How different frequencies in our body work.
Video two
Our thoughts activate beta and theta frequencies that either kill our body or regenerate our body. In this video you will understand:

How living in high thinking beta waves kill our bodies' cells.

How theta waves can rejuvenate and repair our body.
Video three
We can teach our body to activate gamma waves to start healing . In this video you will understand:

Gamma frequencies' role in our bodies.

Tthe healing benefits of gamma frequencies.
Video four
You can train yourself towards a future of wellness. In this video, you will understand:

How to create the illusion of a future.

How meditation works to produce feelings that turn your illusion into reality.
Video five
Through meditation, you can learn how to be the driver of your own life. In this video, you will, understand:

How to dig deeper into your negative beliefs and collapse those negative emotions.

How healing works through meditation.
Welcome to how to enrich your relationship by reframing your beliefs, collapsing negative emotions, and deepening your connection with your partner.

1: Rewire old patterns of thinking to attract the right partner for you
2: Bring the past into surface and use this to build a relationship you are worthy of
3: Find common ground on the things you hold of importance with your partner
4: Discharge negative emotions and turn arguments into understanding
5: Reconnect with your partner and fall in love the second time around.
Video one
The first step in improving your relationship is to find a common ground with your partner.

In this video you will:
Understand how your biological signature impacts your choice of partner.

Create and implement an importance inventory so you can support each other.
Video two
Our partner's negative habits can sometimes set us off. However, if we open our hearts, we can take an opportunity to grow. In this video you will learn how to:

Identify the positive benefits of your partner's negative habits.

Spot familiar relationship patterns with your relationship with your parents.

Collapse negative emotions.
Video three
Deepen your connection with your partner by revisiting the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. In this video, you will learn how to:

Get to know your partner again, just like you did the first time around.

Complete a short exercise that will allow you reconnect with each other.
Video four
Our relationship with our parents impacts the way we interact with our partners. In this video, you will learn how to:

Collapse emotions by writing a letter from the center of your heart.
Video five
When we enter arguments, we need to learn how to discharge negative emotions. In this video, you will learn how to:

Apply strategies that can help you identify the negative traits you don't need.

Use gratitude see a new vision for your relationship.
Video six
What matters the most is how couples turn arguments into understanding. In this video, you will learn strategies on how you can:

Respond by stating things in a non-judgemental way.

Communicate with understanding.

If strategies that help use the mind to become more masterful of your money is your jam right now, you're going to really like this course.

Learn how to challenge much of what we've been taught to be true about the mind, and it's impact on your ability to attract money. This series will show you how to switch it up and use it to create clear paths to whatever it is you next desire to accomplish.
Video 01: Rules of the Money Game
There are rules that you have to play in the money game.

In this video you will learn four core rules, and habits (to break and pick up) so money stays and grows in your life.
Video 02: Saving your Money for the Future
You can live your future moment by your own design. In this video, you will learn:

what alpha traps are and how to spot them, so you can stop money from flowing out of your pocket. How to fragment your accounts and manage your household like a business
Video 03: Fragmenting Accounts
In this video, Ray Behan discusses the first rule of the game:

1. How to set up a system so you attract money to set up your future.
Video 04: Investing Areas
It is possible to turn every single dollar into eight (and more)?

You just have to apply the right strategy. In this video, Ray Behan gives a breakdown of the four areas of investment that will allow you to earn your ticket to financial freedom.

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