How to Change Your Mind and Empower Your Body to Live
Our bodies are in charge of minds and our minds are in charge of our bodies.

It has now been undoubtedly proven that stress causes a negative impact on the body. This negativity creates distress in our bodies, which can lead to illness and disease.

In this short video series Ray Behan explores how to restore order in your body and re-create harmony, empowering your body to live long, and live well.

1 Differentiate types of frequencies that alter how our cells function

2 Use meditation to heal from negative emotions holding you back

3 Reframe your way of thinking so you can build a new life of wellness
Key takeaways
Video 01
In this video, you will understand:

How stress and our modern way of life has lead to stress caused diseases.

The science and research behind the feedback and consequences of our body to our mind and our mind to our body on a cellular level.

How different frequencies in our body work.
Video 02
Our thoughts activate beta and theta frequencies that either kill our body or regenerate our body. In this video you will explore:

How living in high thinking beta waves kills our bodies' cells.

How theta waves can rejuvenate and repair our body.
Video 03
We can teach our body to activate gamma waves to start healing. In this video you will go through:

Gamma frequencies' role in our bodies.

The healing benefits of gamma frequencies.
Video 04
You can train yourself towards a future of wellness. In this video, you will learn:

How to create the illusion of a future.

How meditation works to produce feelings that turn your illusion into reality.
Video 05
Through meditation, you can learn how to be the driver of your own life. In this video, you will, understand:

How to dig deeper into your negative beliefs and collapse those negative emotions.

How healing works through meditation.
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