Solfeggio 3 Day Meditation Challenge

Day 1
How Solfeggio frequencies can be used to restore balance to your body so that you can live long, live well and restructure your mind to alter your mindset.
So, what is the Solfeggio 3 Day Meditation Challenge all about?
Your body vibrates energetically at a particular frequency. When your frequency is lowered you alter your energy to create entropy. Entropy is one of the laws of energy which explains the destruction of a system. Your body is a multiple of systems, therefore when you lower your frequency you cause destruction, which we know as disease and illness in the body. Over time your body will become addicted subconsciously to a state of negative energy.

Ancient civilisations left us the secrets of the Solfeggio frequencies which predate the bible. You can literally use Solfeggio frequencies, through music, to balance out the energy centres within your body. I have produced my own meditation music, using Solfeggio frequencies to do just that.

This is going to be a real WOW moment, so let's get cracking with Day 1 - Frequency 396 - Root Chakra.

Ray Behan - The Man who Changed His Brain
What do I need for Day 1of the Solfeggio 3 Day
Meditation Challenge?
  • 1
    Root Chakra Frequency 396 - Meditation
    Ray asks you on Day 1 to emerge yourself into the first Solfeggio frequency meditation - The Root Chakra 396. Click here to download
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    Daily Challenge Video
    The Solfeggio Meditation Challenge is run over 3 days and we'll send you a link each day. If you're eager to move ahead quickly, or to review the previous day, just click the back and forward button.