Kristy is a certified Quantum Affirmation Collapse Certified Practitioner.

Kristy can help you solve your emotional issues as well as your relationship problems, before it's too late, before they take over your life, or before they cause you more emotional pain.
This ground-breaking process was developed by Ray Behan - The Man Who Changed His Brain.

The Quantum Affirmation Collapse Process brings participants deep into the emotional footprint of how their mind and body works. If the emotional footprint of the mind and body is out of alignment, this causes issues like illness, disease, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, low self-worth and also a myriad of other issues.
The Quantum Affirmation Collapse Process brings the participant into the core essence of the root cause of all of these conditions to reverse that condition to teach the body how to live, how to love and who to be.

The process releases long held tension which the body has harboured which leaves the person completely disconnected from their purpose. Kristy helps her students to find, align with and live with their purpose.

Kristy guides her students through the Quantum Affirmation Collapse Process to balance the emotional conditions that cause your life issues.

She will take you on an inspiring journey to go beyond the boundaries of who you have been told to be, to reconnect you with you're meant to be. It is at this moment that you will realise that everybody in your life who responds to you in a way that is hostile, disrespectful, unloving, critical, or judgemental has all been caused by your own emotional state of being. So this work starts with YOU not THEM. This process will allow you to find answers to questions about yourself that you didn't know existed so you can understand the importance of dealing with these questions.

Kristy's calling is to assist you with your journey and she has developed a passion which you can tap into and leverage off. Kristy is passionate about seeing your relationship, your health, and your life blossom.

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