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About this course
In this course, you will learn all you need to know to become an Options agent and how to get into property, without needing any initial investment capital.

The Property Options Training Program teaches our students how to identify properties that have current or future subdivision potential. As the course progresses, you will learn how to sign that property up, on a contract for a period of time, paying only a small fee to the property owner.

No deposits and no borrowings needed.

In the later units of the course, you will become proficient in the art of 'making a deal'. You'll learn how to sell the 'Contract' to a builder or developer for a massive profit, WITHOUT you ever having to buy the property.

The potential earnings possible by learning the skills taught in the course are MASSIVE.
Joining the Options Training Program, for access to:
Training videos
Watch training education videos so you can understand the pathways you need to take to creating Property Options.
Coaching and mentoring
Connect with our team of successful mentors to keep you on track, accountable, inspired, and determined on your journey.
Reach out to achievers, great thinkers, coaches, and mentors who want nothing more than to share their experiences to keep YOU on track.
What you'll learn:
Module 1 - What is a Property Option?
Learn what an option is and what that means for you as a property investor.
Module 2 - Property Market Focus
Learn how to access and use a range of online tools that will help you better focus on the Property Market.
Module 3 - Time Frames
Learn how we look at the time frames needed to build into your property options, and why we use specific time frames.
Module 4 - Establishing a Purchase Price
Learn how to establish a purchase price for your Property Option and the tools to use to help you determine the value.
Module 5 - Connection and Prospecting
Learn how to contact a land owner and real estate agent to discuss how to prospect which will lead you to securing an option.
Module 6 - Communication and Building Relationships
Learn about communicating and forming a relationship with a landowner, which is crucial to making your Property Option successful. In this module, you'll learn how and what to do when they call you.
Module 7 - Presenting your Option
This module discusses meeting the land owner for the first time and the best way to present the option to anyone on the certificate of title.
Module 8 - Selling Your Option
Learn how to sell the option to a builder or a developer, without having to put in any money.
Module 9 - Recap and Review
This module is a review of the Options Training Program to recap everything you have learned so far.
Module 10 - Development and Sub-division
Learn about undertaking the development yourself and how to carry through with a sub-division.
Module 11 - The Scripts
Learn and familiarise yourself with the scripts you'll use when carrying out the Property Option process.
Module 12 - What kind of Options are there?
Learn about the different property options you can use in this module.
Property Options Training Program
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about your presenter
Meet Ray Behan. Ray is an international speaker with a focus on neuroplasticity, neuroscience, quantum physics, epigenetics and the mind. He is a mindset master who has spent years helping people to 'make the unthinkable real'. Ray learned the art of property investing and trading many years ago, and loves sharing his knowledge.

At 18 Ray met his mentor Paul who hailed from a wealthy and successful property and business family in Dublin. Paul took Ray under his wing and before long Paul had given Ray enough confidence, education and support for him to start to build his own property portfolio. Paul changed Rays life forever.

After 3 years of reeducation and mentoring with Paul, Ray had bought his first investment property. Still living at home with his parents, he was now a landlord at the age of 21. He had bought his first house for cash, and by 22 he had bought his second property, by following the fundamentals of money management, which you will learn at the workshop.
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