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Hey! I'm Patricia
The Woman Who Lights Up Her Day and Lives A Passionate Life!
Light Discovery Consultant

By tapping into her own source of light Patricia was able to go from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Her training, knowledge and experience has given her the opportunity to connect with her source energy within the quantum field and create her own reality.

Patricia then went on to learn more about the material body as well as the energy body. This lead her into learning about the sources of energy that the body requires every day, giving Patricia extensive knowledge in food and nutrition.

Patricia now dedicates her life to helping her own students tap into their own light source. By tapping into her own light source some years ago, Patricia literally, from the quantum field, manifested the home of her dreams. To put that into context, she was told that this dream could never become a reality for her in this world. So by tapping into her light she created her own world and brought her dreams into her life.

Patricia helps her students explore their own internal deep life and light blocks. She then helps her students to access their own analytical brains so they can overcome, in a practical way, their own challenges. She then helps her clients to alter the structure of their minds in order to achieve everything they want in their life. This is achieved by encouraging and training her students in 'Positive Emotional' practices along with 'Focused' practices. In Patricia's words "Wellness is more than being healthy through eating and exercise or wealthy through abundance, wellness should encompass all areas of life".

Patricia's biggest pain was becoming an empty nester and still working the 9-5pm grind which flowed into her evenings and weekends. Using her skills, she has been able to work her own business and mange her work-life balance to perfection. This allows Patricia to spend quality time with her husband and 2 sons, as well as more time on the golf course. Patricia's experience allows her to work with people who are going through the same pain and don't know where to start to re-identify themselves.

Patricia specialises in working with empty nesters who now want to make a change in their lives focusing on Food and Nutrition, Mindset, Movement, Weight Loss, Weight Management and generally a Holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, meaning to treat the body as a whole, both mind and body together.