How to Improve Your Money and Retire on Your Terms
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Donkey Brain Video Series
We have two brains. Our subconscious brain and our conscious brain.

Our subconscious brains are already hardwired to ensure we keep repeating our lives over and over again. It's this brain that reminds us that "we aren't good enough", "we need to feel bad about ourselves", "we aren't capable".

Our conscious brain wants us to live the life we truly want by improving our self-worth, creating abundance, finding the career we'd love, enhancing our relationships, upgrading our health, and so on, but the subconscious brain has already decided the path you should take. It's stuck in an old way of doing things, and will not allow the creative brain to lead us to our dreams. This brain is the 'Donkey Brain'.

But the good news is this old donkey brain can be reprogrammed, due to 'neuroplasticity'. When we reprogram an old brain to a new brain, our lives can improve in an instant.