Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the workshop all about?
    At this workshop you will learn how to take your meditations to a such a deep level, whilst at the same time Ray will explain to you how he used these processes to recover from and heal from epilepsy. He will also explain to you how Antonella used these processes when she literally had one day to live. This workshop is LIVE only and will not be recorded.

    We're excited to offer guests an opportunity to delve deeper into exclusive offerings with some of our other workshops. We understand that this might not align with everyone's interests and there in no obligation to stay for this part of the information. Your engagement is valued, and we want to ensure that your experience with us is tailored to your preferences, which is why we include this information initially, for those who want it and have requested it!
  • What time does registration start?
    We will start registration 45 minutes prior to the workshop start time, so feel free to be ready and waiting to grab a great seat early.
  • What should we bring to the workshop?
    Please feel free to bring:
    1. Snacks, lunch
    2. Pen and paper
    3. Your water bottle, and
    4. A roll up mat if you like, (not essential, there will be chairs).
    Keep an eye on your emails for more detailed information sent closer to the date of your workshop (be sure to mark our emails as safe and don't forget to check that pesky junk folder too).
    There will be intermission times allocated per event. Your host will advise these times on the day.
    Feel free to research cafes/lunch spots close to your event area.
  • Is this workshop one or two days and do I need to attend both days?
    This workshop is generally run over two days due to the nature of the content. In some cases where only one day or evening is offered in some cities due to factors outside of our control, we make this day or evening extremely comprehensive. For the typical 2-day workshop we strongly encourage everyone to attend the full sessions on both days as the content for both days is different.
  • Is there a dress code for the workshop?
    Please wear comfortable clothing that you can layer up or down. The room temperature may not suit everyone. We also try our best to accommodate everyone with regard to sound/volume level, sometimes this is out of our control.
  • Would it be possible to purchase a ticket at the door?
    Yes, if there are seats available, most of our events sell out. So, if someone doesn't come you're able to purchase a ticket at the door.

    We only accept payments by cash. We don't have EFT facilities or change facilities. Therefore, the exact amount is required (increments of $20).
  • Do I need to present a ticket to the event?
    Once you are registered with us, you just need to state your name to our team at the Registration Desk at the venue, on the day of the workshop.

    If you've been unable to purchase a ticket, we recommend buying them at the door (subject to availability). We only accept cash. We don't have EFT facilities or change facilities. Therefore, the exact amount is required.
  • I am unable to attend, can I get a refund?
    Sadly, our company does not own the booking platform. The booking platform provider does not offer refunds. However we are more than happy to give you a credit to transfer your ticket to a later workshop or gift your ticket to a friend.
  • I am unable to attend, can I pass my ticket/s to someone else?
    You are welcome to pass your ticket/s onto someone else to attend. Please tell us their details so we can transfer the ticket to them. Please email
  • When and where are other Workshops scheduled for?
    The schedules are as follows:
    • UNTHINKABLE Perth - 4 Day Workshop - 5th to 8th July 2024
    • UNTHINKABLE Melbourne - 4 Day Workshop - 26th to 29th July 2024
    • MMW Brisbane - 2 Day Workshop - 2nd & 3rd of March 2024
    • MMW Busselton - 2 Day Workshop - 9th & 10th of March 2024
    • MMW Adelaide - 2 Day Workshop - 23rd & 24th of March 2024
    • MMW Albany - 2 Day Workshop - 13th & 14th of April 2024
    • MMW Perth - 2 Day Workshop - 20th & 21st of April 2024
    World Wide:
    • Evolve - 7 Day Retreat - 12th to 18th of September 2024
Ready to experience the joys of healing your mind, your body and your life?
Meet your instructors
  • Ray Behan
    Funder & Educator
    Ray is passionate about teaching the skills to those ready to blow the lid off their 'next big thing.' His goal for the past fifteen years has been dedicated to producing 'evidence-based' seminars, workshops, and courses that prove to move the needle for people positively. Whether you have a clear lofty goal, or still working that out, there is so much for him to share with you.
  • Antonella Traino
    Survivor, educator and wellness renegade.
    Antonella is an inspiring health advocate and teacher, whose incredible personal story of recovery from a life-threatening disease, has transformed not only her life but the lives of so many others - and yet, her true passion is to lead the way in helping you to see that your 'stuff' shouldn't stop you from living your true life and having the future you want.
What you'll learn
Kudos ❤️
  • Lyn Busitil
    I first heard Ray Behan at the Melbourne Townhall in 2017. It was a very emotional experience. Amazing. I was totally overwhelmed. Arriving back in Adelaide, I just could not stop talking about Ray and my experience to my husband. Lyn Busuttil. Adelaide.
  • Katarhyn O'Brien
    Fantastic Event. I'm severely Depressed & have been for many years after a near death experience from a perforated bowel, several losses of loved ones from Suicide including a Beloved 20-year-old Son, culminating in loss of Marriage, Self-Respect, Self-Love, wishing I myself was No longer here!!! I left the Event with HOPE! A definite feeling of lightness! Something I NEVER believed I would feel again!!! Katarhyn O'Brien. Dublin Ireland. 9th July 2019
  • Rob Meldrum
    Every single word resonates with truth. I've only listened for an hour and a half but have had to squeeze away tears because I can finally hear truth with integrity. Rob Meldrum. Perth. 18th February 2018