Margaret Lee is a certified Quantum Flow Practitioner.
Quantum Flow is a bio-hacking method where the fusion of breath flow, vibrational sound & meditation helps you connect to the quantum field by using your body as a vehicle of physical, emotional, mental transformation & wealth manifestation.

By simply tapping into the field of unlimited possibilities, abundance is invited to flow through you, easily & effortlessly.
At a soul level, your organic state of being is pure bliss & gratitude. Somewhere along the way within our lifetime, we learned how to forget who we are. This simple, yet profound practice allows your inner genius to unlock the answers once again, from deep within.

The 7 stages of Quantum Flow (1. Grounding 2. Alchemy 3. Incorement 4. Radiancy 5. Flow. Integration 7. Divine Truth) are strategically designed to intertwine in a dance of a perfectly orchestrated embodiment practice for you to release stuck dormant energy & as a direct result, your emotional chemistry once again remembers to signal high vibrational frequencies & remind you of who you are at heart. A creator of all fine things...

«eyond the mind, you are imperfectly perfect, welcome to your new higher self.. We've been waiting for you..


I help the world's most influential business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders & change makers transcend the limitations of their mind, see possibilities they can't see in life & business to make an extraordinary impact in the world. Simplify the way you think, feel & act, with an open heart, open mind, one breath & one step at a time to be limitless.

Tell me what your biggest challenge is, we'll solve it. Tell me what your biggest dream is, we'll create it. If you're ready to play the game of life and business on god mode, let's have a conversation.

Elite entrepreneurs thought there was no way they could achieve more given the constraints they already had, until they realized that their limitations were completely made up and just outside the frame of their thinking was a universe of possibilities that changed everything.

What would your life be like if you didn't see limitation? You may not have ever realized it, but the quality of your current life and business is a direct reflection of your psychology & physiology. This are the "hidden variables" that determines all results in your life, business, relationships & health.

It's the "box" you experience your life & business in - how you think, feel and act, which determines your results. Over 95% of how you currently think, feel and act today was programmed in the first 7 years of your life. The beliefs, patterns & traits that got you this far, are now the very thing holding you back. All your current limitations exist in this "box". If you want to achieve or create something you've done before, you must become someone you've never been before - essentially make your "box" bigger. I help my clients make their "box" bigger and then un-box & dissolve it entirely.

As a result they are able to see possibilities they couldn't see before, create extraordinary results in their lives & business, and make a significant difference in the world - without the stress, anxiety, pressure & dis-ease. You have a big mission in the world, and want to leave a legacy behind. But you're currently living within an illusionary prison made up of your thinking, in which your conditioning creates a stream of self-doubt, fear, anxiety, stress & dis-ease that keeps you from maximizing your life. Trapping you in the never ending cycle of DOING vs BEING.

Achieving a fraction of the impact you know you are capable of making. Fighting to protect what you have rather than aiming for the extraordinary. Continuing to feel unfulfilled because the money & success no longer provide the same high. My clients transcend all their limitations, subconscious programming and conventional rules so they can play to play.

In our work together, you will see more clearly that you thought possible, find bind spots you didn't know existed, access a limitless creative flow & become absolutely enchanted with life itself. Your wildest dreams will suddenly seem within reach. Quite simply, you will bend reality to your will and create impact in the world with effortless ease.

Why would the former accounting administrator to the largest retail company in the southern hemisphere on earth and serial entrepreneur leave it all behind, to instead focus on helping impact driven business owners, entrepreneurs & leaders transform from the inside out?

I had everything on paper. I was making a lot of money, spending time with some of the most influential people on the planet, and traveling the world to the most exotic places.

But the real truth inside, was that I felt sad, lonely, and miserable. I only experienced flashes of real happiness, I was trapped by my success, stuck in a cycle of addictions, avoidance, self-sabotage and worst of all, I didn't dare seek support for unresolved generational trauma due to the guilt, shame & humiliation of not fitting in. My mentoring is a space in which miracles are commonly created. Consistently.

I'm fondly known by my clients as 'The Wisdom Whisperer', because in our work together they see, hear, feel & know themselves more clearly than they ever have before. Having these previously invisible sabotage patterns, conditioned tendencies, opportunities and gifts powerfully reflected back, offers a level of self-awareness that becomes an unfair advantage in business and life.

The foundational principle my work is based on is that our entire experience of reality is created inside-out from our consciousness.
Your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world. Rather than focus on strategies, mindset and behaviour change (which you've already tried undoubtedly), I rearchitect how you experience reality and relate to yourself at a foundational level, as the self.

As you expand your level of consciousness, you automatically and effortlessly skyrocket results in business, health, performance, mental state, relationships, money and personal power. Challenges and obstacles dissolve and possibilities you couldn't conceive, become clearly visible. As a result, your life transforms, your business grows, and you feel more connected with your innate intelligence and ancestral wisdom.

Almost every client remarks that they have never been seen & heard so deeply in their life, or felt so safe and cared for. My clients are the kind of people who realize that life is short, choose to make theirs matter and leave a legacy. They value time more than money and are willing to do what it takes to take the most direct path to their goals and have an extraordinary experience of reality. If you are considering working with me, know that it's very likely that I'll be the only person in your world who is not here to please you.

I will give it to you straight – tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to. I won't let your fears hold you back. I won't believe your stories, excuses or bullshit. I'll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And I'll do that with 100% love. I call this being respectfully selfish.

Simplify the way you think, feel & act, with an open heart, open mind, one breath & step at a time.

It's time to think with your heart. Be limitless.