Judith CLARKE!
past Life Reader, Superconscious Empowerment coach & zone COACH
Judith is a certified Past Life Reader, Superconscious Empowerment Coach & Zone Coach.
You're not broken! You don't need to fix yourself in order to transform your reality and create a life you love!
In a past- life regression you go into a hypnotic state and are guided to see your own past life. In a past life reading, Judith gets impressions of your past lives and how they are affecting you now, along with guidance. Generally, about 5 or so lives that are most relevant to what is happening in your life are discussed. You can ask to gain information/insights on lives that relate to particular issues that are occurring in your life, be they health, financial, relationship or puzzling patterns that you can't explain. At the end a karmic release process is conducted to help break free from those unwanted ties. During the process sometimes other relevant guidance comes in or energy healing transmitted spontaneously.

Judith's personal development journey started in 1994, she had been diagnosed with Grave's disease which compelled her to explore the correlations between health issues and the balancing of energy centres (Chakras) in the body. Judith used spiritual healing and reading as her inspired outlet and was driven to become certified in: Angel Miracle Healing, Isis Lotus Healing -including Past life readings, Isis Seichim, Counselling, EFT, NLP, and Hypnotherapy. More recently, Judith has completed her studies in 'Alchemy for Success' and 'Create Your Destiny' offered by the Natural Success Academy and continues with her ongoing studies regularly to keep enhancing her services. Judith continued to do past-life readings at fairs or hands on healing for work colleagues, but this was not enough to satisfy her desire to help as many people as possible. Judith set out and became a certified Mind Coach as well as a Zone Coach just to name a few of her accomplishments over the past 30 years. Judith has also studied Ho'oponopono, as well as ACIM (a course in Miracles) and more recently, became a certified sound healer from a traditional Tibetan monk.

"I had an unexpected, miraculous overnight healing thanks to my Past-Life Reading with Judith" I experienced a session with Judith in January 2017 that left a deep impression on me, it was simply extraordinary, it was insightful and deeply pertinent to what I had been going through and touching on persistent themes and issues that I have experienced most of my life. I saw where I was projecting the exact same thing I did in that lifetime onto someone in this lifetime and was able to see the connection and then bring the healing to the present day and to the present person with forgiveness. As a consequence, I had an unexpected, miraculous overnight healing of a chronic case of very painful and disabling bursitis in the hip that I wondered if I would ever be free from. So powerful for me to see the connection of the guilt from that life appearing as pain and suffering in this lifetime that was holding me back. It's in a safe environment with highly qualified, caring, intuitive and sensitive person that true deep healing takes place. Judith is such a person for me. I am very discriminating about who I choose to see and I felt so safe to explore some things that were concerning me with Judith who was so empathically perceptive to what I needed to connect with and heal. Many people ask me for a recommendation of a good past life therapist and I am recommend her with a deep trust of her skills and calling in this area.
~ Julie Way.
Say you want a new outcome that doesn't fit the old model of your life, with Superconscious Empowerment Coaching you can get an upgrade to the old outdated version of you. The reprogramming parts that don't align with your new choices is the recode process. It is used to upgrade parts of your consciousness that are out of alignment and causing resistance to those choices. By working with the superconscious (which is the unified field of information where all information, and possibilities exist) you can bring all levels of consciousness into harmony. This allows you to address resistance no matter where it came from and weather you are aware of its origin or not, whether that be past life, ancestral trauma, trapped emotions, self-conscious patterns subconscious beliefs etc. This style of coaching can be done in a group or one on one. In order to not slip back into the old problem-solving structure takes time and opportunities to refocus and to continue to let go of old outdated programming that is in the way. Judith offers a 3-month group session with weekly coaching and recode sessions and or 1 on 1 coaching sessions of which at least 7 is recommended.

Providing information and coaching to create perceptual shifts, a less stressful way of being, using various techniques and mindset tools. These can be used for living life in the zone with ease and flow, with greater efficiency and effectiveness. So, what is Perception? General Psychology ucf.edu states - "While our sensory receptors are constantly collecting information from the environment, it is ultimately how we interpret that information that affects how we interact with the world. Perception refers to the way sensory information is organized, interpreted, and consciously experienced." This is why our perception of reality is so vital in the experiences we have and what we continue to create. People talk about having a gratitude attitude, but many struggle to stay positive, during the Zone Coaching sessions you will learn many valuable techniques to help with this and the reasoning behind it. This is also a powerful system for those that wish to incorporate these mindset tools and ways of being, to effect positive change in the workplace as well as in their private life.
Judith provides this style of coaching over 7 x 90-minute sessions in order to cover all concepts for integration and implementation.

The Superconscious Empowerment Creation Technique uses a process of defining what you choose to create, stepping into a creative rather than reactive or problem- solving structure, and releasing any resistance to that choice. The superconscious is used to find and treat what is in your way of moving towards your desired outcomes. Various methodologies are used to help keep you focused on what you desire rather than what you don't want. Having the right FOCUS AND STRUCTURE are vital components of making lasting changes in your life. As for Zone coaching, this helps you to gain a different perspective on life, allows you to deal with people and situations in a more effective, empowering and less stressful way. Within this method there are ways to see things differently, tools to ease stress and novel ways to manifest. Both methods have great results, but combined are even more impactful and enhance each other.

Judith offers the combination of Zone Coaching with Superconscious Empowerment Coaching as they work intrinsically together for manifesting true choices. They can both be used effectively by themselves also. If you are keeping yourself prisoner from your own genius and your dreams, let Judith hold you in a non-judgmental, accepting, safe place whilst you explore your true hearts desires.

"I always am very hesitant about who I let work with me, and in my energy field, and have felt comfortable with Judith" I have over the last 6 months had 3 consults with Judith. On each occasion I have found her compassionate, open and non-judgemental towards what I have been working through.
I always am very hesitant about who I let work with me, and in my energy field, and have felt comfortable with her on each occasion. I have also found with her that there has been change within myself after each visit, so much to the degree that I have referred her to friends and clients of my own and will have no hesitation in returning to her for further work as required.
~ Helen

"Judith is just the nicest person to be with" She has a gentleness that makes you instantly feel comfortable. I have had quite a few sessions with her and used to try to control the session for what I felt I needed I needed to know, but now that I know better I have taken to letting her lead as you can't control these things, whatever information you are meant to receive will come through anyway. Her sessions are always exciting and filled with revelations you didn't expect.
I have learned so much about myself and my past lives that explain so much in detail about some of the things I do now without understanding why, it's comforting. Her services are adaptable, whatever you need, you get some things come from the past some from the present, either way it helps with currents issues. When I leave I always feel more in tune with myself, happier and lighter not to mention more relaxed and informed about my place in the world. I have purpose and focus for moving forward.
~ Marie

"I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work with Judith" Her calmness and expertise are reassuring, which creates an openness that I have never experienced before. I have had great results and this has opened me up to having love, peace and acceptance of myself. This has further strengthened my connections with my husband, family and others around me. It has been so much more than I ever hoped for and I am very appreciative.
~ Melissa

"Judith has been a Godsend for us" I chose to engage with her as I felt her to be a great role model and am inspired by her rising above her challenges and thriving. The sessions went so well that my partner (with over 20 years of experience in mental health work and very picky with who he works with) chose to work with her too! The results are tangible. Even my tweenaged child with an interesting background (stubborn) was open to engaging with her and we all eventually reached our goals. It may not turn out the way you think! Love the accountability reminders and straight to the heart of things with Judith. Always feeling much better after our sessions. We can't thank you enough, Judith. We are eternally grateful!
~ Yieng