Embody the Power of Your Mind and Become Your Own Miracle
This is a 22-hour course set over 3 days, and is supported by an additional 24-week preparatory and post online training course to enhance your knowledge, support your journey and keep you on track.
This workshop is a profound approach to the influence of the eight energy centres and their integration to the nervous system. It's where you meet the opportunity to activate and step into your own genius by awakening a higher level of intelligence to receive a download of universal knowledge.
Accountability is the pathway to success and this course captures that in a very defined and special way.
This accelerated training will gift you with the know-how to penetrate deep into each chapter of your life and ultimately open a window into your soul, to shine light on your purpose.

The stage is now set for you to begin your six-month preparatory and post-workshop initiation, to revolutionise your life on a daily and weekly basis, thanks to a 24 week, supported training course.

By the end of the Day 3 at Intensity, you'll have strengthened your grip on your abundance and intensified your self-worth to raise your external relationships to a higher plateau. You'll have educated your body in the art of living long and living well through inspiration, the language of longevity, all by your design.

Participating in mind opening and deeper meditation practices you will reverse engineer your brain to raise your body's frequency and elevate your perceptions towards greater possibilities allowing you to step into the field of infinite opportunities which have been waiting for you so anxiously for such a long time.
The online workshop is over 3 days.
It's intimate and tickets have been limited, purposefully, so the facilitators can provide individualised, concentrated attention and one-on-one coaching.

Expand your knowledge in these three modalities:
Embed greater possibilities into your subconscious mind by unleashing the phenomenon of quantum physics into your being.
Become the miracle by tapping into the nuclei of your cells to recode your genetic expression and repair your DNA.
Release billions of your brains neurons to produce a new and more defined image of your improved reality by perfecting the art of the 'Spiritalis Breath Method' and meditation.We help startups create their visual identity, according to the marketing research. We know design and business trends and use them masterfully.
This cutting-edge training uncovers every tier of your emotional being to reveal your deepest, long forgotten, most destructive emotions to unleash the true power of your subconscious mind by freeing it from catastrophe and misperception, to finally hone in on your true worthiness, your infinite abilities and your soul purpose.
Benefits of learning meditation
Awaken your supersubconscious mind
Excite your mind to new possibilities by accessing your brains adaptive mechanisms of synaptic pruning by participating in the Quantum Affirmation Collapse Process. ©
Release your body and intensify your longevity
Activate your heart-mind connection to grasp the miracle of life and free your body from the catastrophic emotions of harmful chemical expressions such as stress, anxiety and moreIdentify the negative emotions you harness which cause illness, disease, anxiety and depression to give your body and mind the desire to live long and live well.
your own
Excite your tiers of emotional intelligence by altering the architectural make-up of your brain and tap into the source of emergent power that is…your super subconscious mind.
Embed your new passions
Participate in the Spiritalis Breath Method © to touch your soul and
heighten your passion and purpose.
Experience major shifts

Becoming the miracle by harnessing the essence of your life.
Build the canvas of your future
Awaken the principles of quantum physics and neuroscience to master the art of neuroplasticity and rewrite a whole new future.
Meet your instructors
  • Ray Behan
    Founder & Educator
    Ray is passionate about teaching the skills to those ready to blow the lid off their 'next big thing.' His goal for the past twenty five years has been dedicated to producing 'evidence-based' seminars, workshops, and courses that prove to move the needle for people positively. Whether you have a clear lofty goal, or still working that out, there is so much for him to share with you.
  • Antonella Traino
    Survivor, Educator and Wellness Renegade.
    Antonella is an inspiring health advocate and teacher, whose incredible personal story of recovery from a life-threatening disease, has transformed not only her life but the lives of so many others - and yet, her true passion is to lead the way in helping you to see that your 'stuff' shouldn't stop you from living your true life and having the future you want.
Your Workshop
This workshop and 24-week support course is the end result of Antonella's and Ray's combined 45 years of personal development training as they delved deep into an array of science and learnings in areas including quantum physics, the principles of neuroplasticity the brains ability to refire and rewire itself, the phenomenon of spiritual awakening, the processes of emotional collapsing, the physics of neuroscience, the disciplines of the body's energy centres and much more..
Day One:
Day Two:
Day Three:
What You'll Learn
  • How to Release your Layers of Emotional Intelligence
    The brains 'Creative Centre's', where our genius brain is located, are blocked by our negative perceptions. By learning the process called 'Releasing Inhibitory Emotions' you will reactivate your inner genius mind.
  • Emotional Genetic Re-Sculpturing of your DNA
    We carry our own individual stress chemicals, which affect our internal environment, which eventually lead to illness and disease. 'Genetic Re-Sculpturing is about discovering the phenomenon of epigenetics (your minds ability to control your genes).
  • The Architecture and Redesign of your Brain to Facilitate Rewiring
    By learning and then mastering your brains process of 'wiring & firing', you will fully grasp how to unwire old beliefs and rewire your brain to more life rewarding beliefs. It's not magic…it's just the way your brain works.
  • The Source of Emergence of your Super Subconscious Mind
    Most people have little to no idea how powerful their super subconscious mind is. In this workshop, you will learn to tap into the deepest most elusive areas of your mind. This is where their true self is hardwired.
  • How to Replace your Conscious Complex Entities (CCE Rejuvenation)
    We have multiple 'opinions' for every new idea. Most of these 'opinions' force us to settle for less. 'CCE Rejuvenation' teaches you the process of bypassing their negative subconscious destructive opinions so that you automate this as a way of being.
  • The Collapsing of your Destructive Ancient Cultural Memories and Perceptions
    We each suffer the consequence of our cultural and community beliefs, even the beliefs that shackle us. We live by these so that we can 'fit in'. Some cultural beliefs don't serve us in this current world of opportunities. The collapse process is where you get to escape from ancient perceptions.
  • You'll be Facilitated through the Quantum Affirmation Collapse Process © (QAC)
    By participating in QAC, you will view every negative past and current experience in a completely different way. This will be a huge 'Aha' moment for you.
  • Morphogenesis – Your Induction to the Solfeggio Meditations - The Art of Aligning your Energy Centres
    When your energy centres are out of balance, your organs and systems in that area are open to illness. Psychological issues can be experienced also. Learning the simple science behind Solfeggio frequency will give you mastery and control of rebalancing each of your centres.
  • Awakening the Principles Behind the Integration of Quantum Physics and Neuroscience
    Quantum physics is the science of infinite possibilities within the quantum field. Neuroscience is the science of the brain. By learning the basics of both of these sciences, you will be able to grasp completely, the array of possibilities open to you by connecting both together.
  • Arouse the Art of Neuroplasticity to Master your Brains Architecture
    Neuroplasticity is a mechanistic feature of your brains ability to combine different areas together, allowing you to become impactfully visual and creative. You'll learn how to combine this process with meditation. This is powerful stuff.
  • Biochemical Crafting - Teaching your Body to Live
    Harnessing the Essence of Life
    Negative emotions destroy your body. For most, the damage has already started. At this Workshop you will learn to 'teach' your body how to automatically recognize and deactivate future negative emotions.
  • You'll Perfect the Skill of Emotional Rebalancing
    Emotional Rebalancing is an art. By combining all 11 skills, you will have become a master of your own 'emotions' giving you full control of your mind and body.
Our last INTENSITY online workshops were SOLD OUT, so this is literally first in first served!
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Australia Live Online Course/Workshop
All Australian Capital Cities and Regional Areas
July 23rd, 24th, 25th 2021
Times vary depending on location
US Live Online Course/Workshop
All US Capital Cities and Regional Areas
Dates to be announced
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