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  • Moondyne Retreat;
  • Lower Chittering;
  • Western Australia
1800 Acres of Beautiful Angelic Scenery

Surrounded by Picturesque Avon Valley National Park – Your accommodation and conference rooms are spread across this beautiful property.
2nd to 8th of DEC 2022
Check-in 1st December 2022
Check-out 9th December 2022
Guest Presenter
Dr Jackie Lau
will be flying in from Hong Kong to join us as a guest speaker and educator.

Dr Lau is a Scientific Officer at Hong Kong Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (HKCeND), the Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory, HKUST;
Strategic interventionist, Breakthrough specialist, Mindset/Spirituality/
Relationship coach.

"Life, relationship & spiritual coaching transforms your mindset, bring peaceful presence, creates lasting changes towards more meaning & fulfillment", says Dr Lau.
She is co-author of "The Change", with foreword by Les Brown.
Here is a sneak peek.
"What if we have got it the other way round all long? Rather than "effort-ing": to figure out how to attain "self-love", and to seek something that is perceived as outside of ourselves…what if we start "love-ing": to first understand how we have blocked ourselves from recognizing this natural state, and to relax the patterns that hinder connection to our true nature?
How do we tune in and truly see the blocks we have built around our own love?"

Listening to Dr Lau, you will experience insights into how your mind, your emotions and who you were told to be, have determined how you feel about yourself. Dr Lau will bring you on a journey to give your heart permission to speak on your behalf for the first time in a long time. Jackie will help you transform who you are.
Thursday, 1st of December 2022
Check-in at 4pm
How do I get there?
We will call you individually and work that out with you based on your location.
Thursday, 1st of December 2022 at 7pm
A Deeper Dive into the Secret Functions of the Body. The Commotions of Emotions – Why your brain and body are competing to dominate your mind and life.
The Emotions of Your Mind
Come on a journey into human connectedness with our
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Relationships Coach and Guru!

The quality of our lives is influenced by the quality of our relationships.

When you learn to love yourself, the world and everyone in it whom you know, will commit to memory, the new level of your new self-love, for your new-self. It's time for you to fall in love with you.
Relationship Day
Melatonin is the chemical of healing. At 4am, it is said that melatonin levels are at their peak. During this meditation, slide off the edge of your mind into a deep healing state of existence.

Activate your Pineal Gland. Feel the effects as melatonin, the healing chemical of life, flows through your body.
4am Group Meditation
Hosted by the amazing Antonella Traino - 'Trained Demartini Facilitator'

Learn how to master the art of emotional control. Discover how to switch off your negative thoughts and feelings which are caused by negative events and negative people you will meet throughout the rest of your life. Just imagine how your life will change when you learn to de-stress and deactivate anxiety caused by negative people in your life.
NEXT LEVEL - The QAC Process incorporating The Demartini Method
With Sound Healing Practitioners & Qualified Massage Therapists.

Allow your body to swim in the pond of feel-good chemicals for a whole day. Let your body experience what your mind has been teasing it with for so long.

It's time to feel good, and think great.
The Body Day
8am to 9pm
With Darren Hey - Teacher at Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Health Educator & Natural Lifestyle Consultant
The Mind & Wellness Day
This guy will
blow your mind!
Darren Hey – Teacher at Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. Health Educator & Natural Lifestyle Consultant.

His philosophy outlines a connection between the natural world and our well-being, but most importantly between the living elements and life-force energy that flows through and connects us all.

His belief, through personal experience, is that the supremely intelligent life-force energy can be connected to and worked with in a very physical and tangible way, taking abstract notions of divinity and spirit and grounding them into a very real and living experience in one's own body.

This leads to self-empowerment through physical and emotional healing, to the raising of awareness, but most importantly…to freedom of the heart and mind.
The Earth is a place of beauty.
I believe beauty to be a divine gift, that true connection with, is reflected as art…
Art in living.
I believe in a world of freedom. Free from violence, force and coercion.
I imagine a world where leaders of integrity steer humanity's course towards individual self empowerment, personal happiness, fulfilment and true prosperity for all.
I desire to live in a garden, surrounded by trees and water...on a forested Earth of clean and gentle rains, blue water and blue skies.
The Earth is my home…
It's a surprise…
We're closing in style!
6pm till late
Great food, great wine, great music and great company!
Bring your dancing shoes!
Friday, 9th of December 2022
Birds of a feather, flock together. So, embrace new relationships at Evolve with like-minded inspiring people.
NOTE: Speaker attendance at the retreat may change based on the speakers professional and personal lives. Speakers may not be able to attend if affected by circumstances beyond their control.
NOTE: Schedules may change
+1 305-305-242-8133
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