Doina is a certified Reiki Master, Chakra Healing Practitioner, Energy Healer and Teacher & Hypnotherapist.
Doina's life passion comprises Energy Healing, Consciousness Engineering, Meditation, Yoga and Hypnotherapy as a way to achieve holistic health and raise human consciousness.

Born an empath and growing up in a family of doctors, Doina was aware from a very young age of the limitations the conventional medicine approach had, lacking a deeper overview of the individual affected by the illness and most of the times ignoring the root cause of the illness.
In addition, her discovery through early age experiences that pure energy can heal in the most concrete, non-abstract, non-religious way fascinated and intrigued her. She had to research it further, to dive deeper into the newly discovered dimension of life and share the experience with others.
Having experienced, studied and applied a wide spectrum of Energy Healing modalities, Meditation and Hypnosis, Doina became aware that we all have a tremendous inner power that can be used to achieve inner peace and happiness, to heal ourselves and others.

Doinas healing methods and teachings do not exclude the scientific approach and she loves to be up to date with the latest research. Having a Master of Science Degree in Software Engineering as well, she believes that science and spirituality do not need to be exclusive of each other, but can successfully be combined to reach new heights in the awakening of the full human potential. Doina looks forward to a future in which everybody can easily use Energy Healing to improve the quality of their health and life and uses modern, innovative, original, and effective methods, combining Energy Healing modalities with Hypnotherapy, helping people heal themselves, improve their well-being, become aware of their power within and live a healthy, vibrant and abundant life.

Personal Spiritual Journey and Professional Healing Practices

As a young child, numerous deep spiritual experiences shaped Doinas early years, though their significance only became clear much later when she recognised them as integral to her spiritual path. Childhood holidays spent with her grandparents on their farm in a traditional Transylvanian village were formative. The village, surrounded by pristine nature, embraced a simple, agrarian lifestyle reminiscent of centuries past.

One of Doinas earliest memories involves her grandmother, requesting that she place her hands gently over her aching back or shoulders to relieve her pain from extensive fieldwork. Although she did not fully understand it at the time, this simple act provided significant relief.

On another occasion, while playing with friends, Doina felt an inexplicable inner compulsion to seek solitude. Doina was overwhelmed by a force, a presence, a magnetic field that induced a deep meditative state—an experience unfamiliar to her, as meditation was not a concept discussed in her community.

During this profound state, Doina encountered deep existential questions beyond the mind, manifesting as a presence she had never known. This connection with a higher power—be it Spirit, Divinity, or the Quantum Field—felt incredibly loving, consciously aware, and brought with it a profound certainty of our nature and inner power. It also imparted a clear understanding that this experience was personal and not to be shared, as it would not be understood by those around Doina at that time.

This same presence made Doina question the conventional medical approaches her father discussed, relating to the illnesses his patients faced. Although this spiritual connection ebbed and flowed over the years, it eventually reestablished itself, guiding her toward her true calling in healing work.

To achieve the perfect balance for profound and impactful healing, Doina studied and applied techniques from renowned healers. Over many years of working with people energetically, Doina has employed various Energy Healing modalities, including Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Reconnective Healing. Additionally, She has worked with the energies of Divine Love, Divine Light, and Divine Peace, as attuned to by Master Sri Avinash, with whom she had the honor to train with, in person.

Responding to clients' requests for verbal guidance during healing sessions, Doina pursued and obtained a qualification in Hypnotherapy from the TherMedius Institute in Germany. This further deepened her connection with the Quantum Field and enhanced her own Healing Modalities. Doinas unique sessions incorporate elements from all of her learnings and discoveries in energy work, combined with Hypnotherapy and Coaching techniques.

Energy Vortex Hypno-Healing This session combines Energy Healing with gentle Hypnotherapy. Following the establishment of goals and an initial assessment, the session proceeds with two segments of hypnotherapeutic work intertwined with two segments of Energy Healing. This method channels higher frequencies into your system, dissolves energy blocks, and restores a harmonious energy flow. Each session is uniquely tailored to meet individuals at their specific points on their life paths. Energy Vortex Hypno-Healing can assist with:

  • Healing Anxiety
  • Healing Past Trauma
  • Overcoming Insomnia
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Boosting Confidence
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss
  • Increasing Immunity
  • Healing Mother/Father Wounds
  • Removing Generational Trauma
  • Preparing for Successful Medical Intervention

This session involves intuitively downloading specific healing frequencies into your system to elevate the vibrational frequency of your energy field. These frequencies permeate every cell of your body as well as your mental and emotional fields, with effects lasting long after the session. No initial assessment is needed, but it requires trust that the healing experience will unfold as it should on your life journey. The session concludes with a debriefing and discussion of next steps.

This session involves direct high-frequency energetic transmissions into each chakra, applying personalised energy healing tools to rebalance and realign all of your energy centers. This transformative offer, delivers powerful, high-frequency energy transmissions to each core of your being, using healing methods uniquely suited to you that will harmonise your inner world, bring you back into a state of profound balance, inner peace and homeostasis.