With Think & Grow Education
What is the Advanced Partnership Opportunity?
Before we explain, let's do a quick intro about who we are, why we are so unique, how we roll and what we've been doing.
Think & Grow Education is home to a collection of diverse thinkers and doers. We're on a mission to equip individuals and entrepreneurs with emotional intelligence and know-how to develop their very own healthy habit-building principles that bring about meaningful change across the globe.
We believe it's everybody's birthright to have access to the know-how required to live with a healthy mindset, understand their relationship, feel wellness in every area of their lives and create a magnificent financial wellbeing.
Personal Development Programs Taught by the Most Brilliant Minds
With an array of cutting-edge training programs focusing on the number one needs of people, we train our clients in the area of consciousness, mindset and quantum physics, with an emphasis on neuroplasticity. By teaching people in an inspiring way, our clients discover how to take control of their mind and emotions to create the lifestyle they desire.
We run live workshops having presented on four continents as well as online events. Our topics have for many years improved people's self-worth, relationships, health, wealth and mindset.
What is required to become an Advanced Partner?
As a 'Partner' you will learn how to utilize social media without having to sell in any way.
As a 'Partner' we will teach you how to generate 'enquiries' by using state-of-the-art social media technologies. Think and Grow will then contact the 'enquiry' on your behalf, assess their ability to invest in property, attend a workshop, purchase a program and so forth, and then we promote the strategy to the "enquirer" and follow through, as you earn the income. With our processes and experience combined with your drive and enthusiasm, you can progress through the three tiers in the Compensation Program to reach the highest tier, and be 'earn higher income.
How to Build a Successful Business
There is a science to building a successful business. This science, lays out the rules to be followed. All successfulbusiness owners either know the rules, or work closely with those who know them. Follow the rules, and you'llbe successful.
Here are the rules:
Work with a team who have already built a successful business, similar to the business you are building;
Work with innovators and great thinkers only;
Have products or services for a mass global audience;
Communicate with your team ongoing;
Ensure your team are on the same page as you and your business, both physically and emotionally;
Be open to ongoing advice from your team;
Welcome new ideas.
Understand the branding process and brand the business to the audience;
What experience and qualifications do I need?
There is no experience and no qualification required for the BUSINESS PARTNER OPPORTUNITIES that are currently open. Each enquiry will be managed by a team of Financial planners, accountants and real estate agents who are there to give the best advice and the best strategies to the person who made the enquiry in the first place.
You will receive a property education program and ongoing training. Knowledge is the precursor to change. The more educated you become in this business opportunity the greater your success.
The financial planners, accountants and real estate agents are all part of your team and hold all of the licensing require- ments needed.
All the work is done for you. At this stage, its more about seeing if you and our team are a fit.
What additional programs can I promote to increase my income?
In addition to the generous fees you will be paid for converted enquiries, you can increase your income significantly.
Increase your earnings as a partner
Think & Grow will assist you to increase your earning capacity through the promotion of other products and educational programs that Think & Grow have produced through the years.
What support will I receive to generate weekly income to my account?
You will be provided with ongoing training and ongoing support to ensure that you are fully conversant with all of the programs and training that Think & Grow offer to our client base. As a 'Partner' you will be given all the support and opportunities required to generate a very healthy income as part of your business partnership with Think & Grow.
As a 'Partner' you will earn up to 20%, of the total income from each of these programs.
Fact is, 1,250,000 Australians became millionaires in recent years through property.
How big is the Property Investing market?
It wasn't too long ago that ordinary Australians would shy away from investing in property. Their reasons? The property investment 'world' was a distant unknown place. There was little to no educational material that made sense, so people were lost in their own confusion.
Also, the media is educating people for you, so people are more accepting of the fact that not only should they do something about their futures, but that property investing is the key.
The average Australian working and living in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, even as far afield as Gladstone, Darwin, Derby, Whyalla, Cowell, Esperance, Alice Springs and many other centers around Australia, are realizing that they have to do more. People are waking up to the fact that property investing is the safest way to build their financial futures and set themselves up for an extraordinary retirement, when done the right way.
This has changed dramatically over the past years. With the rise of social media, ordinary people are aware that the likelihood of them running out of money in retirement is real. Very real. Plus, social media allows people to get educated so that they can make investment choices. You will become the information gateway for these people.
The Ground-Breaking Digital Marketing Training Institute
We live in an age where experienced and well-trained entrepreneurs can access the world at their fingertips.
Today, we live in an amazing world which can deliver to every entrepreneur and every up and coming entrepre- neur an amazing gift, the internet.
The most successful of entrepreneurs are waking the world up to their presence by using the internet to share their services and promote their products. The internet is not a complicated space for those who know the mechanics behind the world wide web.
The Four Tops
The four most researched topics in the area of human personal development in the world are
People want more life.
We live in a very unique time with more and more people opening up to the fact that the quality of their lives is equal to the quality of their mindset.
People want enough money to live happy with their ideal person in their ideal body.
People want someone
special to spend their life with.
What People are Saying
These people were found online by our business partners. We did not know these people before we met them online. They did not know us. There are thousands of comments online about the amazing work we do. This is some of them.
I did a little exercise with Ray about unworthiness.... I'm completely mind blown, what an amazing
echnique... closed my eyes and then BOOM!!!! What
the heck, got my eyes open to things I previously did not see in myself, about myself, I'm mind blown...
Attended the event at the Hilton Hotel Dublin along with 200 (300)+ in attendance. It was sold out. Ray is
an expert in quantum mechanics and
explained the proven and observable science behind positive thought vibrations and powerful effects on the individual.
Become a Think & Grow Certified Life Coach
Health, Wellness, Money and Mentoring attract more online searches than any other topics. Each year millions of people scroll through the internet looking for support in the form of life coaching.
For this reason, the market is huge and your potential to turn the Business Opportunity into a Life Coaching Program to generate even more income is something that we want to bring to your attention as part of your Business Partnership with us.
How much can I earn as a Life Coach?
The general public are willing to pay, anything from $2,000.00 to $30,000.00 for a Coach. The average person searching for a coach is comfortable investing $3,000 to $5,000 in themselves. This is the audience you will be focusing on.
This opportunity is optional, and you are not required to become a coach. However, as part of the program, you can undergo the training.
Why become a Life Coach?
About your Partner RAY BEHAN
After 3 years of reeducation and mentoring with Paul, Ray had bought his first investment property. Still livingat home with his parents, he was now a lan lord at the age of 21. He had bought his first house for cash, and didn't need to get money by robbing banks like some of his inner-city friends had been doing.
Ray Behan was born and raised close to inner city Dublin. He suffered a major head injury as a child which was followed by years of mental abuse at the hands of the Christian Brothers. As a consequence of the head injury, his last day in school was as a 7 year old. Although he continued to attend school for another 8 years, learning became difficult as there was nowhere for information to 'land'. As a consequence of the stress in school and the head injury, he developed temporal lobe epilepsy. (TLE). He was later placed on Tegretol medication for
many years.
At 18 years of age he met his mentor Paul who hailed from a wealthy and successful property and businessfamily in Dublin. Paul took Ray under his wing for many years to allow Ray to regain the confidence he had lost in his early years. Before long Paul had given Ray enough confidence, education and support for him to start to build his own property portfolio. Paul changed Rays life forever.
Paul had taught Ray how to escape the '9 to 5 grind' and to live life on his own terms.
Soon after he purchased his second property, a small renovator.
Later in his early 20's Ray made a decision to learn about the human brain and its powers of self-repair. Thissoon led to him to study quantum physics, quantum mechanics, human conscious awareness and quantum phenomena. He was to become a master of mindset, all thanks to the accident at age 7. Then one day he was handed a book, about the power of the brain.
Later in life, under the guidance and training of the star of "What the Bleep" now the world's number one quantum physics speaker and educator into human consciousness and quantum mechanics, Dr. Joe Dispenza,
Ray decided to practice what he had studied for years. He used his brain to heal his brain and to repair the damage caused years earlier.
Ray went on to study with the masters of business and mindset with people including Dr. John Demartini, Jack Canfield and
others. He has studied the work of Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Eben Alexander and Stuart Hameroff to name a few. Ray self-educated, studying English and mathematics, and now studies mindset and quantum physics 365 days a year, He eventually underwent a sleep d eprived scan only to be told by his Neurosurgeon that there was no evidence of the consequence of damage from the accident, all those years earlier. Ray had 'regrown' his brain. After decades of medication, he threw it in the bin. He is the man who Changed His Brain.
He has written Property books and is the creator of 'The Thermodynamics of Money' a money management system designed for the average person, that has changed many lives. He is the creator of the mindset program 'How to Lose your Mind and Live a Passionate Life' Ray's latest book is called "The Man who Changed his Brain".
He is now a speaker on Mindset, Wealth and Property. He lives a laptop lifestyle, travelling when and where he wants.
He went on to spend time in America where he came across a property strategy that was so simple and power- ful, he decided to learn it and share it.
Once you have completed the business training you will join the Think and Grow Partner Group. We will then partner our content and products with you as well as our business philosophies. We will build your knowledge base and your business as you watch your life and your finances improve permanently.