Amaro Velho!
Amaro is a certified Thermodynamics of Money Practitioner.
Meet Amaro, a trailblazing entrepreneur certified as a Thermodynamics of Money Practitioner. Beyond his certification, Amaro is a visionary with an unyielding passion for unlocking the boundless potential hidden within the human mind. His burning desire to impact lives globally propels him to envision a future where his coaching, workshops, and seminars catalyse transformative journeys, revealing profound capabilities in each individual's psyche.

Amaro's coaching is grounded in profound insights into the intricacies of the mind, proving that it holds the key to surpassing perceived limitations. His mission is to empower individuals across the spectrum, from dedicated employees to high-strung executives.

With a genuine belief in the transformative power of the mind, Amaro demonstrates that unparalleled fulfillment is not just a concept but a tangible reality. Prepare to be enlightened as Amaro invites you on an extraordinary journey of discovery and empowerment. Through the fusion of knowledge and inspiration, he unveils the boundless possibilities within reach for those daring to harness the true power of their minds. Step into a world where the extraordinary is attainable, and the potential of the mind knows no bounds. Get ready for a captivating adventure where Amaro's guidance becomes the catalyst for both personal and professional metamorphosis. The extraordinary awaits those willing to explore the untapped realms of their own potential.

Embark on a compelling journey with Amaro, who faced life-altering choices in 1998 when his family's move from Zimbabwe to Australia collided with unexpected tragedies. Amidst the heartache of losing loved ones and the challenges of a fresh start in Perth, Amaro's resilient spirit and unwavering vision prevailed. Navigating through grief and financial setbacks, he harnessed the power of visualisation, culminating in his remarkable role as Sales and Marketing Director for Mirvac, an ASX-listed company in Australia. Amaro's journey, rooted in his father's belief in the mind's power, illuminates his path to success.

Now a thriving entrepreneur, Amaro passionately shares the wisdom gained from his experiences. Through coaching, global workshops, and seminars, he empowers others to unlock their potential, showcasing the boundless capabilities of the human mind. Whether guiding employees or mentoring entrepreneurs, Amaro's mission is clear: to convey that every individual possesses the innate power to transform their lives and thrive in abundance. Prepare to be inspired.