Beverley is a certified Counsellor, Master NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Beverley De La Harpe has trained extensively over the past 20 years with world-renowned master practitioners in transformation and NLP such as Gary de Rodriguez, Michael Yapko, Bob Bodenhamer and Michael Hall.
She has also completed studies with Stephen Gilligan, who was one of Milton Erickson's students and Australia's own Rick Collingwood, who has been a front runner for hypnotherapy in Australia.
Her philosophy is based in the belief that all behaviours are motivated by unconscious impulses, namely neurological triggers. These impulses, whether negative or positive, are based upon certain beliefs which act as triggers depending upon the particular situation we find ourselves in.
Not all of our triggers are productive, in other words some triggers cause us to act in a destructive manner. These destructive actions cause us internal stress. Internal stress results in the production of unregulated emotions which eventually lead to disease.
NLP helps to identify these triggers which cause us to think or react in a particular way. When we understand our negative triggers, we can alter our actions to encourage more positive and creative responses to those particular situations that would otherwise have triggered us in the wrong way.

These truly transformational processes which Beverley has mastered will allow you to master your anxieties, your fears, to turn your destructive behaviours into positive outcomes to truly enrich your life. It is then you will realise how magnificent and worthy you truly are.
The processes used are fast, efficient, enlightening and non-invasive. Coupled with the integration that hypnotherapy achieves, it provides you with a natural sense of self-empowerment and the ability to be more fully present, thus enhancing your confidence to move forward in your life with useful, workable insights about yourself.

Beverley's passion and enthusiasm for her work shines through and coupled with her varied and extensive education and experience in the healing arena "gets results". She runs a busy practice from her offices located in Perth, Western Australia where she can communicate with you anywhere in the world through video chat rooms.

She has clientele of all age groups and demographic backgrounds. Areas of expertise are in the field of motivation, anger management, depression, learning difficulties, bulimia, weight loss and smoking to name a few, which she believes all relate back to a core anxiety.

Beverley is extremely passionate about her skills in the area of couples counselling and conflict resolution, and the amazing results her clients achieve.

hey! i'm beverley!
counsellor, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist