Quantum Affirmation Collapse
8 Day Challenge

Day 1
Connecting the dots between negative experiences in life, that develop and then power the positive characteristics in you.
So what's the Quantum Affirmation Collapse 8 Day Challenge all about?
By undergoing and then understanding the QAC process, you are going to be able to join the dots between, negative experiences that you have had in your life either as a child, young adult, or as an adult, and the most positive traits and characteristics that you have developed BECAUSE of those negative experiences.

This is going to be a real WOW moment, so let's get cracking with Day 1 - The Overview Day.

Ray Behan - The Man who Changed His Brain
What do I need for the QAC 8 Day Challenge
  • 1
    QAC 8 Day Challenge Workbook
    The Workbook guides you through the challenge, day by day. It has all the guidelines and exercise questions, so you get the full experience. Click here to download
  • 2
    Daily Challenge Video
    The QAC challenge runs for 8 days and you will receive a link each day for the next part. If you're eager to move through, or want to flick back and review the previous day, the pages all link together so you can move back and forth as you need.